Some Flashbacks Of Adolf Hitler?

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Adolf Hitler (Porträts)
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Interessante Rednerposen des Führers der nationalsozialistischen Arbeiterpartei, Adolf Hitler!
Adolf Hitler machte durch seine Zeugenaussagen vor dem Reichsgericht in Leipzig viel von sich reden. Hitler testifying before the Supreme Court in Leipzig.
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    Hitler, Adolf: Reichskanzler, Deutschland

Date 	September 1930
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Bild 102-10460
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I went to bed very late again last night and I did not get enough sleep, when I woke up I could not remember any of my dreams at first, but I had a chance to lay there a moment with my eyes closed until I was able to remember part of a dream from last night that had many transitions that I did not notice while in the dream.

Part 1

All that I can remember of this dream now it that during one part of the dream there was a man who needed help with something, and so he contacted a male former college professor and scientist with whitish-color skin who wore glasses who he knew from years ago but I can not remember what he needed help with other than it involving something that required scientific knowledge.

The professor/scientist responded to his message asking him to meet him at a certain location at a certain time alone like he was trying to keep things secret for some reason, and so he went to this location to meet with the professor/scientist.

He drove during the day to what seemed to be the part of the parking lot where the Dollar General Store in the city of D on Eastside should be, and in this quiet area there were some large metal shipping containers, but he saw no sign of the professor/scientist at first.

He started looking around when the professor/scientist, a male assistant with whitish-color skin, and a mean and dangerous-looking man with dark-brownish-color skin wearing a blue and one or two other colors urban camouflage uniform with the word Police written on the front of it so maybe he was an off-duty police officer or SWAT member who was their bodyguard and/or something like that burst open the doors on one of the shipping containers that they were hiding in.

Maybe the bodyguard checked him for weapons and hidden cameras/microphones/trackers/et cetera, and then the professor/scientist and him talked about whatever it was the man needed help with.

This entire setup seemed suspicious like maybe the professor/scientist was involved in something illegal like illegal drug sales and/or something like that, and so he was acting strange and things seemed dangerous (especially their bodyguard).

At some point I was in the dream when they entered a store or store-like place where the Dollar General Store should be, the bodyguard was looking and acting super aggressive like he was ready to attack someone, and so the man and I had to be careful.

Something happened where maybe I had to face the bodyguard or I daydreamed various scenarios of how to handle fighting him if necessary, and maybe in this situation or fictional scenario there was violence and I disarmed him but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day outside and maybe inside The G House, it involved my male cousin DE, and maybe there was an argument between us as I tried to help him but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is going inside The E House to use the bathroom because I needed to urinate (when I woke up in the real world I really did need to urinate, and so that is probably why I needed to urinate in the dream), and when I got inside the house it seemed that my aunt JE was using the house and/or living there.

While I was trying to use the bathroom I remember hearing my aunt JE, and when I left the bathroom she asked me to help her get her towels/clothes that were possibly locked in the storage building outside.

No one knows where the key is for this storage building, so I told her this, she said that there was a hole in the side of the storage building and that she could see inside, and so maybe I could see if I could fit through it to get inside.

I told her that I doubt that her clothes/towels are in there and I told her that I would open the laundry building instead to see if they were in there because I did have a key for that building, and when I opened the laundry building with my key I found some clothing and bedsheets/comforter/et cetera that belonged to me and maybe my aunt JE’s stuff was in there too but I can not remember.

As I was looking at my stuff wondering how it got in there, the dream probably transitioned to the next part without me noticing, I forgot to mention that this dream transitioned to new things without me noticing each time so that is why there are several parts.

Part 3

This part of the dream involved me seeing scenes/flashbacks/whatever of Adolf Hitler giving speeches and other things involving Adolf Hitler (most or all of them were probably in black and white, but the normal parts of this part of the dream were in color as usual), and they mostly involved him giving very passionate and lively speeches with lots of body movements and facial expressions et cetera.

Between these scenes or flashbacks or whatever they were, were normal things happening in the dream, and I remember being inside The BP Library where I work.

I was walking in the adult non-fiction section on my way toward the books in the area that has some books about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, and once again I saw some scenes/flashbacks of Adolf Hitler.

During one speech I remember him doing the Nazi salute rapidly several times as he gave a very energetic speech.

These scenes and flashbacks would just randomly happen sometimes, and they would interrupt the dream.

After that flashback I remember seeing some books about Adolf Hitler on the shelf, and so I went to reach for them but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream because it probably transitioned to the next part of the dream.

I have no idea why I was dreaming about Adolf Hitler.

Part 4

This part of the dream took place in the evening or late afternoon when it was started to get a bit darker outside, and I was walking with my brother GC on the street that The E House is on.

When we past/passed MZ Baptist Church on our way up the street toward, my brother GC stopped on the right side of the road in front of where Mrs. C used to live to change clothes next to some metal lockers.

I told him that he should not change clothes outside like this or someone might call the police, and that it was dangerous because he was still partly in the road.

I remember a mail truck and maybe an 18 wheeler passing by while my brother GC was changing clothes, my brother GC would not stop, and so I waited awkwardly for him to finish changing clothes on the edge of the street.

I told him that using those lockers was probably not a good idea, they were next to the road, and so someone was likely to break into them one day.

I told him that he should move them in our yard and change clothes inside, it seems that he put the lockers there like he uses this spot to change clothes outside often oddly, but I woke up as I tried to make sense of this and as I continued to try to get him to stop doing this.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Some Flashbacks Of Adolf Hitler?”

Hello True George,

We seem to have some of the same thoughts sometimes because that is one possibility that crossed my mind, another thing was possible ancestral memories, the fact that I had to shelve a book about Adolf Hitler at work a few weeks ago, and references to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany that I see sometimes online in political discussions which have intensified after the rise of The United States President Donald Trump.

I think that all of the flashbacks were in black and white but I could be wrong, and the parts with me inside the library were all in color like normal; and so those flashbacks scenes or most of them were in black and white, which is very rare for my dreams to have black and white, but most things about Adolf Hitler are usually in black and white in real life so that could explain that.

If you look in the Related section under this post you will see a past dream that I once had where Adolf Hitler was directly in my dream.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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