Hearing My Alarms In A Dream

I went to bed very late last night and I had to wake up early for work, and so I barely got any sleep last night.

I had some dreams but I did not voice record them each time that I briefly woke up, and so I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of my last dream is that I was inside a house, I remember one or more people saying that they were going to go fishing at a certain time or I remember hearing that this person or these people were going to go fishing at a certain time, and this dream possibly happened because in the real world my brothers KD and TD were going to go fishing.

Maybe I overheard someone saying this while I was sleeping and maybe my mind used that to create this dream, but I am not sure.

I just remember walking around the house trying to find the person or people who were going to go fishing, maybe I was considering going fishing with them but I can not remember, and I was also trying to find a clock so that I could see what time it was.

I kept looking around the house trying to find them and trying to find what time it was, but I could not find them and I could not find a clock but I kept searching anyway.

At some point I probably realized that I was hearing a sound, I did not know what the sound was at first, but then maybe my subconscious realized that it was the alarm clock on my mobile phone going off in the real world to let me know that it was time to wake up to get ready for work.

The sound had been going off in the dream before I noticed it (but I am not sure how long, I had noticed something going on in the background earlier which I tried to ignore, and so I did not pay attention to what it was at first), but I was not paying attention to it because I was too busy looking around the house and my body was probably trying to get some more sleep because I barely got any sleep last night so it took an unknown amount of time until I really noticed it.

Normally my alarms (two on my mobile phone and one on my watch) would wake me up almost instantly but I guess my body / mind needed some sleep so badly that it and I were resisting the wake up to the alarm response, my watch alarm goes off second briefly so I guess I heard that sound earlier after the first mobile phone alarm went off and I mostly ignored it without realizing what it was, and then my second mobile phone alarm must have went off later.

Once part of me realized that it was my alarm clock on my mobile phone going off in the real world I briefly tried to ignore it to keep searching the house and to keep sleeping a bit longer, but part of me woke me up a few seconds later even though I did not want to wake up yet.

I woke up and my second alarm on my mobile phone was going off so I turned it off, my brothers KD and TD were already gone fishing with our uncle CE earlier than I had expected, and then I got ready for work.

The end,

  • John Jr

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