A Fictional Version Of My Parent’s House And A Fair

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I fell asleep on the couch last night and I woke up a few hours later and then I got in bed and I went back to sleep without trying to see if I had any dreams or not, and now I can only barely remember the end of my last dream from last night.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I was at a fictional version of my parent’s house during the day, and my parent’s house and yard was possibly near where the KRH Elementary School should be in a field.

This fictional version of my parent’s house was narrow and long and rectangular with more rooms, and so there were extra bedrooms with their own doors to the outside so there were many ways inside the house and I got my own bedroom in the dream.

My brothers KD and TD were there as well, along with my mom and my brother GC, and I seemed to have maybe just picked my room because I kept forgetting which door led to my room during the dream.

The house and the yard was nice, we had more privacy and a better view and more space event though the house was more narrow, and it was interesting having my own room with a good view of one side of the yard and with my own door to the outside.

As I was enjoying the inside of the house and outside in the yard, my female cousin TE walked over, and she asked my brothers TD and KD if I was home so I walked over to see what she wanted.

Our cousin TE wanted to ask me about something and / or someone, I can not remember what or who, but I remember trying to answer her question(s) and then we briefly talked.

I remember trying to figure out which door led to my room from the outside of the house, I remember saying out-loud that I still have not memorized which door went to my room yet, because I wanted to either show my cousin TE my room and / or we needed somewhere more private to talk.

Before my cousin TE left she probably told me that a fair was starting, and so after she left my brother GC and I drove there in my automobile.

The parking lot between the KRH Elementary School and the D Junior High School was still there, and the fairground was in a field near where the D Junior High School should be so we could have walked there but we drove there for some reason even though it was close to our house.

I parked in the parking lot and I started talking with my brother GC before we got out, and I noticed what looked like members of a maybe Latino gang wearing black and gray and white checkered shirts and bandannas looking like stereotypes who were staring at us throwing gang signs.

When I was talking with my brother GC I was moving my arms a lot as I talked, and so they probably thought that I was throwing gang signs or something.

I probably smiled and waved back at them and then I stopped moving my arms and I looked away hoping that they would realize that they had been mistaken, and fortunately this worked.

After they stopped staring at us my brother GC and I got out of my automobile to go to the fair, and so did the assumed gang members.

I can not remember the details of the fair, I just know that the gang members did not bother us, and eventually my brother GC and I returned home.

Once again I remember enjoying the inside of the house and the yard, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Seeing And Talking To My Former Classmate DH Several Times

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I got in bed late last night and I was sleeping good but I had to wake up early for work, and so I barely remember part of my last dream.

This dream took place during the day, and throughout the dream I saw and briefly talked to (in person, by text messaging, and by telephone call) my former male classmate DH several times as we happened to be in the same place at the same time multiple times during the dream oddly.

My dad, my mom, my brother GC, and I were at what seemed to be a college at least once during this dream.

Maybe this college was the college that my brothers TD and KD go to but I am not sure, and I remember us being at some outdoor and indoor areas of this college.

I remember my dad talking to some boss men, either in person and / or on the phone (he probably forgot to end a call, and I had to let him know abut this and show him how to end the call and remind him to check each time), and I remember seeing and briefly talking to my former classmate DH maybe outside and inside a small room where maybe a small event was taking place at the college.

I went around other parts of the city as well, I remember driving around the city in my automobile, and I remember seeing and briefly talking with my former classmate DH again as we happened to be driving through the same area.

Like I mentioned earlier my former classmate DH and I also exchanged a few text messages and maybe a phone call during the dream, but I can not remember during which parts.

I am not sure what we talked about exactly other than maybe us talking about martial arts and / or martial arts films.

At some point in the dream I decided to go to a fast food restaurant, maybe Burger King, and when I was at the drive-through my former classmate DH happened to be in the drive-through as well so we started talking briefly.

In real life my former classmate DH told me that he does not like Burger King so I was confused by him being at what I assumed was Burger King, and so I mentioned this to him but I can not remember what his response was.

But I woke up realizing that it was time to get ready for work, and I did not feel like getting out of bed because I was sleeping good and I needed more sleep.

The end,

-John Jr

Sitting In An Automobile With Ronda Rousey And Riding On A Bus

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I am not sure if this is one or two dreams from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream or these two dreams from last night is that I remember sitting in the back seat of an automobile (maybe a van or sport utility vehicle or truck) on the right side during the day.

The automobile was illegally parked next to the walkway of the shopping center near W Park in the city of D, and we were parked between where JCPenney and Dollar General should be.

In the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat were two men with light-color skin who were probably fans of mixed martial arts, they were probably talking about mixed martial arts and things like that, and they were probably dressed like how some mixed martial arts fans dress (wearing Tapout (clothing brand)-like clothing and hats and maybe they had a few tattoos but I can not remember).

The men were waiting for some other people to arrive because they were going to drive us to an event in another city or country, probably a mixed martial arts event but I am not sure, and I remember a city or country being mentioned (maybe a city in Russia or a city in South Africa, but I can not remember).

As we were waiting two thin women with light-color skin with long yellow hair who looked like college students who just want to have some fun, jumped into the back seat to the left of me, because it seemed that the two men were letting anyone ride with them to the event.

The two women were excited and were talking a lot, at some point the two men started talking about the mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey, and one of the women started to say negative things about Mrs. Rousey talking about her last two fights that she lost.

As she was saying bad things about Mrs. Rousey, Ronda Rousey actually walked over to the automobile and she got in, and she sat in the front (either the very front or second row in front of us) on the right passenger’s side.

It seemed that Mrs. Rousey was one of the people the two men were waiting on, we did not leave though, and so I assume that they were still waiting on at least one more person to arrive before we leave to the event.

Mrs. Rousey joined the conversation about her, as the two men asked her various questions, and the woman continued to say bad things about Mrs. Rousey like: saying that she was terrible, that she was washed up, that she should retire, that she is old news, that know one cares about her anymore, et cetera.

Mrs. Rousey was not having any of that and the woman and her started arguing, the two men joined in to defend Mrs. Rousey and warn the woman to stop, but the woman did not stop.

So I remember the two men threatening to kick the woman out of the automobile and / or they did kick her out of the automobile, I can not remember, I just remember the woman begging them to not kick her out of the automobile and I remember the men saying that she should have thought about that before running her mouth.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or of this dream.

The next part of the dream or the next dream that I remember also took place during the day, and this time I was riding on a bus with other people (adults, maybe some young adults, and maybe even some kids but I do not remember seeing the people from earlier in the dream or in the first dream) on my way back to the city or country I had left from.

It seemed that we were probably returning from an event in another city or country, maybe the event that we were about to leave to in the earlier part of the dream or in the first dream but I am not sure, and maybe they were going to drop me and / or us off at the library (maybe The BP Library where I work as a shelver) but I am not sure.

Once again I was sitting on the right side but this time more toward the middle or close to the back, during the ride I remember a woman who kept glancing at me, and she was sitting on the left side further up from me.

We kept glancing at each other every so often making brief eye contact, I wondered why she kept glancing at me, and she seemed to probably know me and it seemed that she probably wanted to say something to me but was too cautious or shy to say something first.

The woman looked familiar but she was too far away for me to get a good look at her, she somewhat looked like what my former female classmate CW might look like now or in the future, and so I wondered if that was her.

I was also being cautious so I did not say anything to her, we both seemed to be waiting for the other to say something first or to recognize the other first, and so I was trying to decide what I should do and when.

There was another woman or a young woman with light-color skin with very long brown hair who looked like a patron who I see sometimes at The BP Library who also probably shyly glanced at me several times, she was sitting on the right side either in front of me or two seats in front of me, and she seemed to be very quiet and shy.

This caught my attention as I was trying to decide what to do about the other woman who kept glancing at me, and then the second woman or the young woman dropped something on the floor almost under my seat.

The second woman or the young woman nervously glanced and smiled at me, and she started crawling on the floor under the seat in front of me and partly under my seat trying to find what she had dropped.

I bent down to try to get her attention to see if she needed help finding whatever she had dropped, she probably shook her head no nervously and shyly in embarrassment, and she continued searching at a hurried pace because she knew that she had my attention now.

I tried to turn my attention to the first woman while also paying attention to the second woman or the young woman, in case she needed help and out of curiosity, but then a landline phone inside the bus rang so I or someone else answered it.

I remember having the phone and I heard a slow somewhat robotic female voice on the other end, and she asked me about what music I liked.

I probably asked her some questions and she said that she was asking because they were going to the library to maybe sell some music product(s) or something like that, and I could not tell if it was a recording or a real woman or a bot.

Either way it was clearly a telemarketer, and I was not interested and I was not going to give her any or much information about myself.

There were odd pauses during the brief conversation, and at some point I said that I was not interested and that was the end of this phone call but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Forgotten Dreams: In A Rush To Do Something?

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Last night I went to bed too late so I did not get enough sleep, I slept well, but I had to wake up suddenly to get ready to work and I did not have time to stop and think about my dreams all day.

So I pretty much forgot all of my dreams from last night except for some bits and pieces and guesses, I remembered a bit more earlier but I did not voice record those dream pieces before going to work, and so I can not remember those pieces of the dream(s).

I think that some of my family was in one or more dreams from last night.

There was something that I had to do in one or more dreams that possibly involved being in a rush to do something.

One or more dreams was or were possibly inspired by something that I watched or read or played or listened to or did yesterday.

But that is all that I can remember now unfortunately after rushing out of bed, not voice recording the pieces that I remembered, working nonstop at work, falling asleep briefly when I got home, and not thinking about my dreams all day.

Because I do not remember much of my dreams from last night, here is a video that I watched yesterday from the Empire Files YouTube channel with Abby Martin called Israeli Soldier’s Explosive Tell-All: “Palestinians Are Right To Resist”:

The end,

-John Jr

A Burnie Burns-Like Man Lets Us Spend The Night

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I remember my brother GC and I being inside a hotel-like room or rooms or apartment in another city, some of the rest of my family was possibly in the dream earlier but I can not remember, and this hotel room or rooms or apartment belonged to a Burnie Burns-like man.

The Burnie Burns-like man was the owner of a business, probably a Rooster Teeth-like business, and he had a wife or girlfriend and at least one child who were also there.

The Burnie Burns-like man invited us to spend the night because the hotel room(s) or apartment was so big and had so many rooms, and the next morning he gave us a ride in his automobile but I am not sure where we were going (maybe back home to our city).

We parked in a parking lot of a gas station, I remember my former male classmate DH being with us at this point, and we were talking.

I remember the Burnie Burns-like man talking about how he was rich and had several hotel and / or apartments and homes (so he had more than him and his family needed) so him letting us spend the night was not a problem at all, I had probably thanked him for letting us spend the night, and I told him about how my entire family used to share one hotel room on vacations and my family is bigger than his.

I told him some stories about this and how the hotel rooms that we would go to were much smaller than the one he had, and I remember being amazed by how many rooms were in his hotel room.

At some point a male employee with light-medium color skin walked over to us very slowly and zombie-like, and he just stood there so my former classmate DH got annoyed and asked him what he wanted but the employee continued to act zombie-like without responding.

My brother GC and I possibly knew this male employee and we let them know that he was just joking / playing around, the employee then stopped his act, and he laughed and let them know that he was just joking.

We said a few things to him and then he went back inside the gas station to continue working, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by episode 9 (Sock Puppets) of the television series Homeland (season 6), which I watched last night, and it involved a situation that was inspired by a situation involving the character Max who applied for a job at a mysterious tech startup to try to find out what is really going on there because that was the last place that a FBI agent had visited before he was murdered.

In my dream a man with light-color skin applied for a job at a mysterious tech startup to infiltrate it to see what it is really about because it seemed that it was possibly a front organization / business being used by a government intelligence agency and a private company, and that they were involved in illegal activities.

Like in episode 9 and in a video clip for the future episode 10 of Homeland, this mysterious tech startup was involved in using large amounts of fake social media accounts for various purposes, and they were doing illegal and unethical things with these fake social media accounts.

The man and several other people who worked there did not like what they were doing, and so they started to meet secretly to complain among each other and to try to decide what they should do about this.

They were considering trying to expose this operation to the public but doing so would be dangerous and could get them killed, and so they were trying to figure out if there was a way to do this safely but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr