Detail Of Woman With Green Shawl (Woman With Green Shawl)

What Is It?

I just remembered the image above of a painting that was the Commons:Picture Of The Day for June 26, 2015 on Wikimedia Commons.

The painting is called Detail Of Woman With Green Shawl (Woman With Green Shawl) by the French painter Cyprien Eugène Boulet.

It is listed as an oil on canvas (oil painting) that is located in a private collection in São Paulo, Brazil.

My Thoughts

I saw this image back in 2015 on the front page of Wikimedia Commons, and it caught my attention but I can not remember why and I can not remember how I felt when I saw it.

There is another version of this image that shows more, but unfortunately this image is of low quality and it is a small image:

This version is said to be located at the Pinacoteca Do Estado De São Paulo, maybe the other is located there too, and maybe both images are of the same painting with one image being a cropped version while the other image is not but I am not sure.

The end,

  • John Jr

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