A Dream Becomes Lucid Using The MILD Technique & Then Becomes Normal Again

As I was falling asleep I tried a lazy version of one of the lucid dreaming techniques called MILD (mnemonic induction of lucid dreams) that I mentioned in my blog post called Want To Control Your Dreams? Here’s How You Can, I went to sleep and I had at least one dream before waking up again, and then I tried the technique again and I went back to sleep.

After going back to sleep I was dreaming again and at some point I realized that I was dreaming but I can not remember how or anything like that because I did not voice record any of my dreams or this lucid dream which eventually became a normal dream again once I forgot that I was dreaming, I had a variety of short dreams, but now I can not remember most of them or much of the ones that I barely remember part of because of that.

All that I can remember of this dream turned lucid dream turned normal dream again is that it took place during the day, and after I realized that I was dreaming (once the dream became a lucid dream) I think that I was in the sky on a giant solar panel-like structure that was possibly like a lot of connected maybe light-blue solar panels in maybe a wavy pattern in the sky but I could be wrong.

I remember realizing that I am dreaming and then saying out-loud to myself that I am dreaming and that this is a dream while smiling and laughing, and I remember saying how that lazy version of the MILD (mnemonic induction of lucid dreams) technique actually worked on the first try.

The problem is that I did not set any intention on what to do once I realized that I was dreaming, and so I did not know what to do.

My lucid dreams are usually short so instead of thinking about it I just started to do the first thing that came to my mind which was to see if I could run super fast running normally which was inspired by Lost Truth’s (Moment’s) blog post called Lucid Dream – Dream Powers Training; because I wanted to see if I could run super fast running normally which Moment seems to have trouble with in her dreams so she usually uses a different technique to run super fast.

I can not remember if I was able to run super fast running normally but I think that I was able to run super fast, and then I tried to run super fast using a technique like the one that Moment uses but I am not sure if it worked or not.

The next thing that came to my mind was flying because yesterday at work my female coworker K and me briefly talked about dreaming and lucid dreaming and flying in lucid dreams, her flying technique was more like Moment’s, but my flying technique is more like my running technique which is very physical usually except for the gliding and the rare hovering / floating.

I probably ran super fast and I jumped super high and then I started to flap my arms to gain some altitude and then I started to fly and glide like I normally do, and then I tried to fly like my coworker K and it probably worked but I am not sure.

Then I tried to just float / hover like my coworker K does and that probably worked too, but I could be wrong.

I then landed back on the giant solar panel-like structure in the sky, and the next thing that came to my mind was to summon a dream character so I stopped to quickly decide who to summon.

I decided to summon a woman but I can not remember who exactly, maybe the musician Pauline Croze or another woman, and I possibly summoned the woman with the ability to speak some Esperanto (which I am currently studying on Duolingo) and / or French (which I am taking a break from studying to study some Esperanto).

I can not remember what summoning technique I used exactly other than trying to visualize who I wanted to summon, and then maybe I just made her appear by focusing and willing her to appear and maybe she slowly phased into the dream world but I can not remember what it looked like when she appeared.

The woman I summoned may have not completely summoned exactly like the woman I thought of because I did not try hard enough so she possibly was like a combination of two different woman, but I can not remember.

The woman I summoned possibly started to speak Esperanto and / or French and English to me and I possibly talked back to her using a bit of Esperanto and / or French and English, and so maybe I practiced my language skills a bit but I can not remember.

I can not remember what else the woman and I did or how long it took before the dream went back to a normal dream again (maybe I tried to get her to use dream powers as well like Moment did in one of her recent dreams), I just know that I stopped controlling the dream (probably because I got distracted by talking with the woman et cetera), and eventually I forgot that I was dreaming and the dream became normal again but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream Fragments

I am not sure how many short dreams that I had, I know that I probably had a lot, and most of them were probably based on things that I saw and did during the day like the anime (animated) television shows that I watched before going to sleep on the Toonami lineup; and so several dreams probably involved things from the anime television shows Lupin The Third Part IVGhost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (S.A.C.) 2nd GIG, Cowboy Bebop, and maybe Hunter X Hunter.

I remember one dream involving the character Fujiko Mine and I remember hearing the 2nd opening theme song for Lupin The Third Part IV:

Another dream was probably inspired by episode 2 (DI: Well-Fed Me – NIGHT CRUISE) (which Harrison Chute did a pretty good job describing in a blog post) of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (S.A.C.) 2nd GIG which was a good episode, and so it probably involved a lot of internal dialogue involving a dream character and I probably heard the song Monochrome by Yoko Kanno and Ilaria Graziano.

There was another dream that possibly involved inspiration from episode 8 (Waltz for Venus) of Cowboy Bebop which was also a great episode that was movie-like, and I probably heard some music from that episode as well.

There was obviously more, but that is all that I can remember now.

The end,

-John Jr

4 replies on “A Dream Becomes Lucid Using The MILD Technique & Then Becomes Normal Again”

Wow! Nice one on the lucid dream. Even though you’re recollection is vague it seems you were able to do quite a few things and even summon up a dream character. Well done! It also seems you were lucid for quite some time.

I wonder if you try this technique again if it will work so easily the second time or not.

That’s kool you thought of my running technique in your dream. In general I have a very hard time running in dreams. I can never seem to run in non lucid dreams, so maybe there’s a connection. But also I tend to do better at accomplishing things when lucid if I don’t focus on the physical. It’s interesting to me that your experience is different.

I wish you could remember how you summoned the woman. I’d be curious to know. I guess in the end you fell for her spell and were swiped back into the dream. Robert Waggoner talks about attractors, which would be her, sucking you back into the dream. And detractors, which would be something scary for example, sucking you back in.

Anyhow, I will wipe the dust off the trophy and return it to you 😀


Thanks for sharing your dream and techniques!

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Hello Moment,

Thank you, I wish that I could remember how long the dream was lucid.

Probably not 😀 , but it would not hurt to try again. 😉

Yeah, I am surprised that your dream came to my mind first, and I find it interesting that you struggle with running in dreams and with focusing on the physical because I do not seem to have that problem.

Me too, I assume that I summoned her very quickly without much effort, I wish that I could remember exactly how I forgot that I was dreaming.

Thank you, it is has been a while since I had the trophy. 😀 🏆

You are welcome, and thank you for commenting.

-John Jr

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