A Sniper & Esperanto

I went to bed very late last night, almost 5 AM, and once again I failed to voice record most of my dreams so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I am not sure if I was in the dream at first but I know that I was in the dream at the end.

There was a group of people who were being targeted for assassination it seemed by a sniper, and this sniper kept trying to shoot them sometimes so they had various law enforcement agencies trying to protect them and arrest or kill the sniper.

One law enforcement agency was involved with escorting them around by automobile et cetera while protecting them as bodyguards, SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) was involved with trying to arrest or kill the sniper, and another law enforcement agency or two were monitoring the situation remotely with cameras et cetera from a command center and some of the characters from the television show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Law & Order: SVU)  like Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler were with this group watching monitors following the action that way while communicating with law enforcement in the field.

While being driven around by law enforcement, the targeted people (victims) were shot at on at least two different occasions before the sniper was finally caught alive and arrested by SWAT, and at least one law enforcement agent was shot but I am not sure if any of the targeted people were shot or not (probably not).

The sniper was a man with light-color skin with short brown hair who seemed angry and obsessed with killing his targets like they had wronged him in some way or something, and SWAT took him to a dark room that was possibly in the command center where they had him sit on his knees instead of securing him in a jail cell oddly and they possibly did not even handcuff him.

They did not properly secure or watch the sniper so he possibly managed to take a rifle and he tried to shoot his targets from a window possibly once or twice, possibly this time, and then possibly later when a male SWAT member with light-color skin was questioning him angrily and the sniper managed to attack him and take his weapon and he tried to shoot his targets out the window again as they were being driven around.

The angry SWAT member stopped him and then the angry SWAT member angrily questioned him again, the SWAT member was probably angry that the sniper had shot one of the law enforcement agents who he knew, and then the SWAT member started to beat the sniper like he was going to kill him as some other SWAT members stood there watching and doing nothing to stop it.

Another law enforcement agent walked in, a man with light-color skin, and he stopped the attack / attempted murder of the sniper.

The next thing that I remember is that I was in the dream now, and I seemed to be at an auto repair shop / automobile dealership that looked like a place on the right side of the highway when you are first entering the city of L waiting on my automobile to be fixed.

It was probably going to be a longer wait so I went to drive somewhere briefly and then I was going to return, as I was driving toward the exit an automobile drove in front of me to leave too, and while I was waiting on them to turn on the highway I noticed an obese man with light-color skin with long hair with a long beard getting out of his automobile in the parking lot like he needed help so I stopped to ask him if he needed help.

The man walked to my passenger window and he told me that he needed to get something from a store for his automobile so that the place that we were at could fix his automobile, and I asked him what he needed and he said something and he said a word that I did not recognize and then I assumed that maybe it was an Esperanto word that I did not know so I said:


Mi lernas Esperanto. (I am learning Esperanto, which is probably incorrect because I possibly should have said Mi lernas Esperanton because in Esperanto the direct object is supposed to end in the letter N in Esperanto, but I could be wrong)

Mi estas komencanto. (I am a beginner).

The man looked confused when I said the word komencanto (beginner), like he did not understand that word, and so I told him that it meant beginner.

I told the man that I would take him to the store and so he got in my automobile, and then we started talking as I drove out the parking lot but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a windowless auditorium that was possibly underground, and I was with some other people including some of my former classmates like my former male classmates MB and DH and some fictional possible college students and maybe people connected to the people who(m) the sniper was targeting in the first dream.

It seemed that we were being held here like maybe this was to protect us, this is a wild guess, but I assume that the law enforcement from the first dream had us here for our own protection but that is just a wild guess.

It seemed that we would be sitting there for a while so I started exercising I assume until I tired myself out, and then I remember walking around but I can not remember why (maybe food was going to be served soon and / or I wanted to stretch my legs).

Because my muscles and body were tired I moved slower and stiffer with fatigue, and my former classmate DH followed me and he was tired too for some reason and he started leaning on me and holding on to me to rest himself lazily which made it even harder for me to move around; and so this was a bit comedic as I had to support his weight while pulling / carrying him around leaning on me while I am already fatigued from exercising.

I remember climbing up trying to reach a higher seating area, while I struggled to do this from fatigue and maybe the extra weight of my former classmate DH, several young women with light-color skin with brown and black hair who seemed to be college students walked by the area that I was trying to climb to.

This area was one of the walkways to reach different seating areas in this auditorium, and I heard the young women talking about a friend of theirs and about themselves and some of their talk seemed to hint that they were talking about sex among other things.

I managed to pull myself and maybe my former classmate DH to this higher area, we walked to the left as I continued having to support his weight, and oddly I started to walk back down to where I started.

My former male classmate MB was sitting not far behind where I had sat earlier, and I remember talking with him as I walked by him still supporting the weight of our former classmate DH.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream because I probably woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “A Sniper & Esperanto”

Hello True George,

The constructed international auxiliary language called Esperanto.

I first heard about Esperanto years ago on this website:

I am currently attempting to try to learn it again using the free website and app Duolingo:

I am curious about your opinion of Duolingo if you ever try it one day since you know Spanish and that is the most popular language on there, and learning Esperanto should be even easier for you.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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