Did My UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Fail? | Corrupt Officer Billy Zane | Jennifer Pierce Testing Her Superpowers

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so those dreams are forgotten now.

Dream 1

This dream was possibly a forgotten dream from another day that I suddenly remembered today while walking in the living room during a thunderstorm.

The dream involved me waking up at my parent’s house and my desktop computer had been turned off like the electricity had went out.

I looked at the PowerChute Personal Edition program on my computer to see if my UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) (which is the APC Back-UPS BE600M1) had anything listed in the logs, and I saw that the battery on it was low and recharging and that the electricity had been out for over 20 minutes so either it automatically shutdown my computer when the battery got too low like it is supposed to or it failed and my computer shutdown from the lack of electricity.

I was not sure which so I started investigating and I asked my brother GC whose UPS had either worked or failed him too and maybe I asked my dad, and I learned that the electricity did go out while I was sleep for a while but I am not sure if my brother GC’s UPS failed him or not.

I woke up before I could figure this out.

Dream 2

Edited lazy text notes made of this dream from bed using my mobile phone:

Dream during day along street like M Street in the city of LC.

A Corrupt law enforcement officer who looked like the actor Billy Zane trying to kill a male police officer with light-color skin who probably learned of his crimes.

Corrupt officer Zane is stopped and brought down by me, and the male police officer he was about to kill.

A dramatic armed standoff along M-like street takes place with people and police around the area who think that me and the male police officer are the villains, and corrupt officer Zane is pretending to be the victim hoping that his fellow law enforcement officers / friends (SWAT, Police, Detectives, et cetera) will kill me and the male police officer.

Somehow the standoff ends, we are in a country in Asia that I assumed was maybe China but the country had an emperor so that does not make sense because China no longer has an emperor but Japan does, and so I am not sure which country in Asia we were in.

I took corrupt officer Zane to the emperor’s palace / courthouse to be judged by the emperor since we were in his country I guess and that seemed to be how the justice system worked here I guess, and I remember walking Mr. Zane down some stairs that crossed the stadium / auditorium-like seating area in this traditional Asian-style palace / courthouse-like building.

Mr. Zane looked annoying like he might try to do something stupid like rush the emperor to try to get his trial canceled so I warned him, and I was ready to stop him if he tried and I had him stand further from the emperor’s area just in case.

Mr. Zane probably said a few things like he was confident that he would get away with everything.

No one was in the building yet, but the emperor started arriving with some people shortly after we arrived.

I explained things to the emperor but I can not remember what happened, I just remember walking back outside to tell the male police officer, he was afraid that Mr. Zane would have someone kill him and / or one of his friends and / or some other corrupt law enforcement officer would kill him.

I tried to calm him down and tell him that was not that likely once people knew the truth, but that there were things that we could do to try to protect him.

But I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream was inspired by an episode of the television show Black Lightning that I watched before going to sleep.

The dream took place during the day in a LC-like city or a fictional version of the city of LC, and I remember being outside in a park and / or garden with my brother GC.

There were some boys talking who had medium-to-dark color skin, and I heard them talking about how the character Jennifer Pierce from Black Lightning was testing out her superpowers.

As they talked I somehow saw what they were describing or something strange like that, and they said that an overweight boy with medium-to-dark color skin with short black hair was charging people money to enter into a gated garden / park in this city so that they could see if they could defeat and / or even touch / catch Jennifer.

The boy was trying to make money but Jennifer saw it as a way to test her powers and to have fun, and the boy nicknamed her The Kisser because she could kiss people and knock them unconscious with either a shock or somehow her kisses could knock you unconscious.

Jennifer could also run super fast, touch people and shock them with electricity, maybe shoot electricity, and who knows what else since she was probably learning of new superpowers as each new opponent faced her.

Even other people with superpowers were paying the boy to face her, and so far Jennifer had defeated all of them and none could even touch or catch her because of her speed and kisses and electric attacks and stealth.

I remember seeing examples of this with Jennifer running around super fast laughing and smiling and kissing and shocking people with a touch and from a distance by surprise.

After hearing and seeing this my mind returned back to where I was standing with my brother GC, he possibly had superpowers and he was adjusting a mostly blue with maybe gold or yellow trim fabric superhero-like costume that looked a lot like the old Black Lightning costume that he had put on, and I was going to tell him that we should go see if he could defeat and / or touch / catch Jennifer but one of the boys who had been talking earlier interrupted us.

The boy noticed a strange bad scar on my brother GC that was above the bladder and under the bottom of the stomach on one side as he adjusted his costume, and he asked my brother GC about the scar.

My brother GC replied: “Some people think that it was possibly some blood that he gave me that was possibly corrupted, but we still are not sure.”

My first thought was that the he was the character Kilgrave (Kevin Thompson) from the television show Jessica Jones (Season 1), I have no idea why I thought this, but I did not seem to know about the scar either so I was confused and concerned and I wanted to know who the he was exactly and what did he mean by the blood that he gave him that was possibly corrupted.

I started to ask my brother GC about this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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