A Military Helicopter Crash

I had more dreams but I only recorded part of one dream.

My memory is unclear but the dream involved me, some of my family, and maybe some other people going to several places including several: stores, schools, and houses.

I am not sure if I was younger again or not but some students were in the dream, and at some point we were somewhere during maybe the evening or night where everyone went outside.

It was like us, a school, and most of the town walked outside in an area in view of a tall concrete and metal raised bridge-like structure that was not a bridge, it used to be something else, but now it seemed that the military was using it.

The military was doing something and / or putting on an airshow with one or more helicopters, and one of the pilots (who was a male soldier with light-color skin) was a terrible pilot who hit some overhead power lines or something.

Later this same pilot did something stupid and ended up crashing into the structure causing half of it to collapse on top of his helicopter, it was a big mess, and I am not sure if he survived or not.

This caused at least millions of dollars of damage and possibly the loss of a life, a new structure would need to be made, the mess would have to be cleaned up, and the helicopter would have to be replaced.

I remember some people (including kids) saying how stupid this was and how terrible the flying skills were of the pilot, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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