Some Roman Senators Plotting Something

This dream seemed to have two different time periods going on at the same time, one time period was modern times at and near my parents house, and the other time period seemed to be back in Ancient Rome in the countryside of Rome I assume

In the modern parts of the dream world I was helping my parents move some stuff to and / or from and / or near The G House from our yard / house during the day, and we went inside The G House and / or a fictional house near it.

The President Of The United States Donald Trump showed up at some point inside the house, I remember him talking, and I briefly talked with him and I helped him with something.

In the Ancient Rome parts of the dream some male Roman senators with light-color skin were meeting in the countryside of Rome I assume during the day like they were plotting some kind of conspiracy.

They possibly met in a cave and / or house to do their plotting, at some point they partly split up briefly, and one of them went to a cave with a male Roman soldier with light-color skin wearing Roman armor and helmet and shield with spear and short sword guarding the entrance to the cave.

The Roman senator in the cave was up to something on his own that the other senators did not know about.

I remember wondering if the senators were plotting something against President Trump and / or something / someone else, these two different looking time periods were possibly sharing the same dream world, but I am not sure if they were really interacting with each other much or at all.

I possibly was able to see the ancient Rome area from where I was, but I am not sure.

I remember seeing a Roman woman with light-color skin wearing a white toga or stola going outside the cave that the soldier was guarding, the senator walked out to greet her, it looked like some kind of affair was going on; the woman tried to kiss him, but he ended up pushing her away and telling her not now and to leave because another senator noticed them from a distance as he was returning.

The other senator did not like what he saw and he wondered what the other senator was doing in that cave, and he started to wonder if he was making his own plots outside of the small group of senators doing their own plotting.

My female online contact from German NF possibly walked over to talk to me near The G House, maybe I told her about what I saw and did so far, but I can not remember.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

2 replies on “Some Roman Senators Plotting Something”

They say that the United States is the new Roman empire. I think there is definitely potential with this mashup. The parallels between the US and the twilight of ancient Rome are uncanny and good territory for political statements.

I think a Julius Caesar play with Trump and espionage would win awards.

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