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Dream 1

This dream and sleep paralysis experience happened not that long after I went to sleep, unfortunately I can not remember most of it now, but I think that part of the dream involved me being in a room.

I am not sure if this happened in the dream and/or in the real world, maybe both, but I remember being in my bed experiencing sleep paralysis where I could not move but my eyes were open.

On the right side of the room I saw a dark object on the wall, I was paralyzed so I could not turn my head to see what it was, and so I tried to watch it from the corner of my eye the best I could to make sure that it did not move.

While doing this I remember hearing the voice of an unknown boy somewhat quietly speaking in the room, I can not remember what the voice said, but I think that he was complaining about something and/or did not sound happy about something but I have no idea now.

I was still paralyzed so I could not move and I was trying to look around with my eyes to see where the voice was coming from, it sounded like it was in the room and not in my head, and I kept trying to break out of the paralysis feeling slightly afraid.

I remember feeling like maybe the voice was controlling my right arm or something because it started to move and went to punch the metal cabinet to the right of my bed, and then I broke from the paralysis and/or woke up if I was not already awake.

It did not seem like I had punched the cabinet so maybe that was a hallucination and/or that part was in the dream, but I am not sure.

Dream 2

This dream took place during a zombie apocalypse, and I was with a group of people inside and outside a larger and stranger yard and house that was similar to The E House trying to survive.

My former male classmate JC and my male cousin DE were in the group too, and I learned of some new family members.

Sometimes we had to clear the roof of the house sometimes, I guess zombies would get up there somehow or something, and slowly throughout the dream we were losing people as they got killed/turned by zombies.

At the end of the dream one of the strong women in our group, who was a tough soldier-like woman with light-medium color skin, got killed when she was clearing the roof; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a crowded shopping mall/college-like building mostly along some long walking lanes/aisles/halls/walkways/whatever inside the building with various areas along the sides and middles of it.

In this dream I was either married to or dating or was friends with Amarna Miller who was with me in the dream, and she had a portable food cart that she could push around that she was selling food and things from.

I remember going to the men’s bathroom that was crowded with young men and men, and then Amarna and I walked together as she pushed her food cart.

Amarna needed to use the bathroom so she left her food cart not far from me as she went to the bathroom, and then a couple of people walking by grabbed and ate part of some food from her food cart and kept walking to my surprise but I did not say anything; I was so surprised and curious that I wanted to see how many people would try this, how long would they do this, et cetera.

Most people did this so quick that there was not much point in me confronting them, but one woman stood there sampling food from Amarna’s food cart until I confronted her.

The woman tried to leave but I asked her to stay because I wanted Amarna to meet her, she kept trying to walk away, and so I asked if I could at least take a photograph of her and get her contact information to give to Amarna so that she could contact her if she wanted to.

I said this nicely because I really was curious how Amarna would respond, I can not remember if I was able to get a photograph or her contact information to give to Amarna or not, I just remember my female coworker TR stopping to talk to me briefly.

I told her that there was something that I forgot to check on her mobile phone Saturday that might help with her ad problem on her Android based phone, and I asked her to open the Google Play Store app so that we could make sure that Google Play Protect was on with all the settings enabled and so that we could do a scan with it.

For some reason the Google Play Store would not open, her husband Mr. JR and maybe her daughter JR and a woman were with her, and her husband said that he had installed an anti-malware program on her mobile phone and he mumbled something about not needing Google Play Protect and TR probably replied that the default was probably good enough.

They then continued walking as I waited for Amarna to return from the bathroom if she had not already, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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