Lamar Cardinals Football & Blood Magic

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and it involved American college football at Lamar University in the United States in the state of Texas in the city of Beaumont, and the Lamar Cardinals football team was having tryouts.

I guess a coach or someone had invited me to tryout for the football team, even in the dream this was confusing and surprising to me, and I wondered why would I be invited at my age and my lack of football experience/knowledge beyond playing for fun as a kid on the playground et cetera, and I was not a student and I had not even tried to join the team.

At the tryouts was a woman who was a student I assume who seemed to be able to do some kind of basic blood magic, that is what I called it because that was the closest thing that I could think of, and I suggested that we experiment with using blood magic for football to see if it works.

The reason that I called it blood magic is because if the woman was touching something with blood in it, she could cast a spell/perform an action/use a superpower, some of the blood would be used to perform this (a certain amount of blood would disappear because it was used like a fuel to power the spell/action/superpower), and so the more powerful a spell/action the more blood that is used.

So it seemed that blood magic followed maybe some of the principals of The Law Of Equivalent Exchange, if so I feared that if you ran out of a blood source that your own blood would start being used, and so I suggested that she not use any blood magic if she is too low on blood or when she runs out of blood in her containers/vials/jewelry/whatever.

Alphonse’s Equivalent Exchange Monologue from Fullmetal Alchemist

So we experimented with her using blood magic to increase the speed, accuracy, and distance et cetera of a thrown football.

We even tested being able to move the football around through the air even after it was thrown like a homing missile or something.

I possibly even tried to see if I could use blood magic too, but I can not remember if I tried or not, and I can not remember if it worked for me or not; but if I had to guess I think that maybe I was able to use some very low-level blood magic, but not as good as the woman.

The woman only had a small amount of blood in some jewelry or something, so I suggested that we use old blood packs that can not be used and are to be thrown away at medical places et cetera if they would allow it, but I can not remember if we were able to get any or not.

We possibly tested whether blood magic could be used to enhance your strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, agility, reflexes, healing rate, et cetera, and it probably could; but that used up more blood than just enhancing and controlling a thrown football.

All of this was experimental, and we probably started telling the coaches about it, I think that they were considering or wanted us to be on the football team, and we asked them if blood magic was against the rules or not and whether they should report our experiments to the league/whatever to see what they say or should we keep it a secret.

From our experiments blood magic would dramatically change American football and other sports et cetera, so this was pretty cutting edge stuff that could have many good, bad, and in-between consequences, so I was wondering if we should keep experimenting or stop now; is the sports world and world ready for something like this?

During our experiments I noticed that it seemed that you could use a coin to focus your blood magic, and later in the dream when I was at work at The BP Library I was thinking about this and the possibilities of using a coin or something else to focus your blood magic to make it stronger and/or more efficient et cetera.

My thinking got interrupted by my female coworker KE who noticed that I had several large key rings/keychains and/or attachments for them, and she asked me about them (maybe they held vials of blood for the blood magic experiments, but I can not remember); but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was living in a fictional city at a small one-story apartment with some other people, maybe we were in college, that was next to a police station and maybe a warehouse or something; and this was at the end of a quiet street down the road from maybe the college and various businesses et cetera.

There was something that I can not remember involving the group of people I lived with, and I was possibly considering working with or joining or moving in with or learning from or whatever another group of people we had just met who were led by a man with light-color skin.

One day when I was outside up the street near a fence by the college the leader of that group gave me a fishing pole, not long after that I saw him in the distance burying something in the ground near the college fence, and I felt that there was something shady about the man.

I can not remember what happened, but I probably heard news that a murder had just happened, and I suspected that the leader was responsible for the murder and was burying the murder weapon.

I suspected that maybe the fishing pole that he gave me was possibly a previous murder weapon, that him and his group were possibly assassins/hitmen, and so I wanted nothing to do with them at this point; and I wanted to get rid of the fishing pole that he gave me, but I heard police sirens, so I started walking back home quickly.

Fortunately I reached the apartment before the police could drive by me, I saw them up the street driving toward me, and I probably hid the fishing pole and told the others what I saw and what I assumed.

In the forgotten parts of the dream I had seen several suspicious things done by the leader, so it all was adding up now, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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