Valery (Valeri) & The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Westworld | Season 3 – Date Announce | 2020 (HBO)

This dream was inspired by me watching episode 3 (The Absence Of Field) of the TV show Westworld (Season 3) before going to sleep.

Westworld: Creating Westworld’s Reality – Behind the Scenes of Season 3 Episode 3 | HBO

This dream involved a Rehoboam-like system/technology called Valery or Valeri that seemed to be an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that people could connect to using maybe an implant and/or external device.

This technology was a human enhancement technology that increased your thinking and reaction time and even impacted other parts of your body et cetera.

Westworld: Creating Westworld’s Reality – Behind the Scenes of Season 3 Episode 1 | HBO

This technology was becoming popular and more and more people were using it and connecting to it.

I seemed to be using it as well, but I am not sure if I had an implant or an external device to connect to Valery (Valeri).

Valery (Valeri) had access to a huge amount of data, I imagine that the more people who connected to it, the more data it would have.

I remember other people and I using it to move around faster and access information and do things that we normally would not be able to do physically and mentally.

Westworld | Season 3 – Date Announce | 2020 (HBO)

I remember moving between indoor and outdoor areas during maybe a gray day in what looked like a slightly fictional version of Eastside in the city of D.

There is a chance that some kind of scavenger hunt and/or competition or something was going on because I saw a variety of people going around doing various things.

All of them were using Valery (Valeri) to enhance themselves physically and mentally.

I remember my reaction times being better than what seemed humanly possible.

I was able to react to things at impossible speeds thanks to Valery (Valeri), and so other people and I were able to react mentally and physically very quickly to dodge or catch things, et cetera.

I remember one man telling me that Valery (Valeri) enhanced our thinking speed.

He showed me an example where everything seemed to be moving slower to me.

He said that was because my mind was thinking so fast that the real world/time speed would seem slower if you did whatever he had showed me.

I thought that was amazing, crazy, cool, but a bit scary.

I remember sitting on a bench or something outside along the side of the street near maybe where my uncle IC’s yard should be.

Some people were walking by, and an obese woman with dark-color skin with short black hair among them stopped to warn everyone that she was required to tell us that she had The Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All of them had been standing closer than six feet, everyone stopped like they were shocked and wondering if she was joking, but she was serious.

Right after they continued walking, a man with dark-color skin sat to my right side with his back facing me, and to his right was another man with dark-color skin who was also sitting down.

The man who just sat down right by us told the man next to me that he had The Coronavirus (COVID-19), that he did not know how he had caught it, and some of his conspiracies et cetera about it.

He was super close to us and was not following physical distancing recommendations, was not self-quarantining, and did not seem to be doing anything else to prevent spreading the virus to other people.

He then turned to me and started talking to me, fortunately he did not talk long, and then he got up to leave fortunately.

I then started to wonder if Valery (Valeri) could be used to force people to practice physical distancing, et cetera.

Then as I saw some examples of this where some people seemed to have had Valery (Valeri) take control of their bodies to force them to stand at least six feet away from other people.

After seeing that was possible and that it was being used, I wondered who was controlling Valery (Valeri), and who had access to all of that data.

Then I started to think about the many negative things that they could do with that data and this technology because they could control people physically and influence them mentally.

I saw some of the good uses for this technology as well, but it was too dangerous in my opinion in the hands of who knows who.

If Valery (Valeri) ever become conscious and did whatever it/she wanted to do.

I then wanted to disconnect from Valery (Valeri) at least temporarily until I learn more, but I was not sure if the technology was implanted in me or was it connected to my brain externally; but I woke up before I could find out.

The end,

  • John Jr

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