A Lucid Dream To False Awakening Dream With Flying?

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I assume that the dream became a lucid dream because I had some dream powers.

I assume that there must have been some threat(s) that led to me trying to see if I had superpowers, but I can not remember.

I just know that I had super strength, I could fly, and maybe I had one or more other superpowers.

Furthermore, I used my super strength, I can not remember on what though, and I flew around; but I woke up into a false awakening dream.

I thought that I had awakened for real, not realizing that I woke up into another dream, so I thought that this was real; but I was wrong.

In this second dream or dream within a dream that was a false awakening dream, it was day, and I was at a fictional outdoor area with: my dad, my brother CC, my brother GC, and maybe my brother TDC and / or my brother KDC.

There were some open field-like areas near trees with several buildings, one was a fictional version of The BP Library, and there was a bus stop and / or train station and / or heavily used sidewalk area; and down a trail was a walled area with at least two basketball goals inside of it.

There was a woman with light-color skin who was possibly homeless who was at the bus stop-like area yelling at people or something as they walked by; and my family and I walked to the walled area with the basketball goals.

Maybe the dream was still lucid or semi-lucid because I tried to see if I still had my dream powers.

I tried to use my super strength, but I did not have it anymore; but I was able to barely fly and float in the air.

At first my dad did not think that I could fly, I told him to watch, and it worked; but he probably did not seem impressed.

I flew over the wall to open it for my family, then we tried to move something, it took all of us to try to move it; but I can not remember if we were able to move it or not.

I just remember wanting to go fly to see if the yelling woman needed some help, I left my family to fly in that direction, but I am not sure if I got to talk to the woman or not.

Likewise, I just know that I went inside the library to work, I assume, and my female coworker JB was sitting at a desk to the right of where the JUV Desk by the Children’s Section should be.

JB mentioned wanting me to experiment with using some bleach to clean a computer keyboard and maybe area.

I told her that I would try it in a moment, but first I walked further into the building to do something that I can not remember.

When I returned to JB, she told me that our coworker Mr. CF had already cleaned the keyboard and computer area with bleach, so I did not have to do it; and then I woke up for real this time.

The end,

  • John Jr

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