JB & BB & Anissa Kate & Marc Rebillet & King | Censorship | Library Work

English: Anissa Kate at AEE Expo Las Vegas 2012
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Dream 1

In part of this dream, I was working at The BP Library, my female coworker JB & her husband Mr. BB showed up, and I asked them if they needed some help.

During our conversation, JB mentioned that Marc Rebillet helped her the other day with something, maybe something involving music, while he was in the city of D visiting someone named King.

Uploads from Marc Rebillet

JB & maybe Mr. BB said that they did not like King, JB did like Marc Rebillet, Mr. BB probably did not get to meet Marc, but Mr. BB probably acted a bit jealous of him.

In another part of this dream, I was somewhere else, perhaps inside a room in a house, talking with Anissa Kate.

Anissa & I were talking about whether a marriage between us would work or not, and whether we should just be friends.

We both felt that neither of us would probably be able to adjust to Anissa probably wanting an open marriage, she would probably be for that, and I would probably be against that.

Anissa suggested us possibly being friends with benefits instead, but I felt that would probably end up being a problem as well.

What would the nature of our future relationship be, would we date, would we get married, would we be friends with benefits, would we just be friends, or would we just go our separate ways.

I woke up as we continued talking about this.

Dream 2

In part of this dream, my parent’s & I were at a fictional larger, nicer version of my aunt JE’s house helping with something.

In another part of this dream, I was inside a dorm room at a college with a woman who was my roommate.

The woman looked somewhat like a fictional younger (my age), different-looking version of my female coworker KE, I am not sure if it was supposed to be KE or not.

She did not look like KE exactly, she had a different hair color & face, but she probably somewhat reminded me of KE.

Her bed was closer to the entrance, and I remember us talking.

She was probably in her underwear or was wearing a slip or was partly dressed in what she was going to sleep in, she probably did not finish changing clothes yet, and had forgotten during our conversation.

This started to distract me as I started to feel and / or question whether I was attracted to her or not, what that would mean, and what I should or should not do about that.

It seemed that I was attracted to her at the moment & that feeling was possibly getting stronger, which distracted me even more; and was moving me in the direction of possibly acting upon / revealing those feelings as she moved closer to me.

I remember her talking about a female author whose book she was reading, and how she felt that this author should be censored.

She felt that this author should be censored because she had expected that her book that she was reading would be positive, but some parts of it were very relatable & negative; so much so that reading the book made her feel bad as it reminded her of negative things from her life.

This seemed a bit extreme in my opinion, I probably mentioned this, but I continued listening to her & asking questions about the situation.

A new distraction appeared during our conversation when I noticed that my UPS (uninterruptible power supply) was wet & had fallen behind my chest-of-drawers against some plastic curtains next to an air conditioner, and

My UPS was beeping like something was wrong with it, I wondered how did it fall & why was it wet.

I realized that it was probably because moisture was building up on the plastic curtains because of the air conditioner.

I then put the UPS back on top of my chest-of-drawers, and I tried to dry it off & investigate the beeping sound as I continued listening to my roommate.

The last part of the dream involved me working at a fast food restaurant during the evening or night with at least two female coworkers with dark-color skin.

We had no customers at the time, the electricity & the water was down, and we were trying to figure out what was going on & if we would have to close early or not.

We decided to close early, we still had lemonade in two of the machines, I was not sure if we had to empty the lemonade from the machines or not.

So I was going to ask my coworkers before we left, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream involved me working at The BP Library, I remember being alone in The IT Department trying to help some patrons over the phone, and then I went to disinfect / wipe down the patron computer lab.

Oddly, I do not remember seeing or interacting with any of my coworkers during this dream, they were probably there, but I just remember being alone & busy.

While doing this, I saw & heard a male patron with a mobile phone who was complaining that a man was supposed to be here to help him with something on his phone, not realizing that it was probably me; he was probably one of the patrons that I had tried to help on the phone earlier.

It seemed that he needed help downloading some documents on his phone & then printing them on our printer.

For some reason, he did not ask for help, and assumed that I was going to just be in the computer lab waiting on him or something.

I asked him if he required some help & if he had a library account with us to be able to use the internet, he did need help, but he did not have a library account with us.

I told him that I could help him download the documents on his phone & then we could copy them to a USB flash drive, if his phone had the Android operating system, which it did.

Furthermore, I started trying to help him find & download the files in PDF format to his phone first.

Then I would go get our USB flash drives to see which one would work for his phone, but I woke up during this.

I woke up feeling like I really had been working on a busy, somewhat overwhelming day alone with no break, which is not the best way to feel when first waking up in the morning; and so it felt more like a stress dream. 😀

The end,

  • John Jr

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