DT & Ants & Diatomaceous Earth | Work & College | Two Vaccines

Dream 1

In this dream, I think that my family & I let my female coworker DT stay a few nights at a hotel-like apartment-like house-like room or building that I assume we owned or were renting or were allowed to use.

It had large windows with large curtains, things looked pretty good, except for the closet.

The closet floor was cracked up, and you could see the dirt below.

Even worse, DT found ants in the closet, and she showed me the ants.

I suggested that we try lightly sprinkling diatomaceous earth on the floor & ants.

She asked me what diatomaceous earth was, and I tried to explain what it was.

I then asked her if she had an empty powder bottle or something that I could put the diatomaceous earth in that would allow me to lightly spread it easily.

She did not have any empty bottles, et cetera, to use, then I woke up as I left to find a bottle et cetera & get the diatomaceous earth.

Dream 2

This dream seemed to involve me returning to college again while still working at a fictional version of The BP Library that was in a fictional building.

I can not remember if The BP Library was connected to the college or not.

At some point, I was inside a building with various people including some of my coworkers like my female coworker JB.

I was walking past a room when I saw my female coworker JB in it, I had not talked to her yet, and I was going to just keep walking instead of saying hello to her like I normally would; but I barely changed my mind

I stopped in the doorway, I said hello to JB, she probably did to respond or look at me, but I could be wrong; and I continued walking.

Then I remembered that I had a college class in a few minutes, but I forgot my backpack.

So I went outside and to my parent’s yard to see if I left my backpack in their SUV, which makes no sense, because I have my own automobile.

My dad, my brother TDC, and my brother KDC were outside; and it possibly had briefly rained before I had gone outside, or it possibly was expected to rain later.

My parent’s SUV was not parked straight, I got inside to park it correctly, but I accidentally bumped a large gray foam head with maybe fake grass on it that was oddly partly in the way.

I had no idea what that large foam head thing was, where it came from, why it was there, et cetera; I had never seen it before in my life.

I forgot to mention that this dream potentially took place on Presidents’ Day, and my backpack was possibly in the SUV; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside an unknown building, there were other people there, including some of my coworkers, like my supervisor Ms. JR.

I remember us standing in line because a woman who worked at a medical clinic was there to give two vaccines to those who wanted them.

I assume she was a nurse or doctor, and there is a chance that she possibly had one or two of her coworkers there to help her.

Furthermore, I forgot what the two vaccines were for, they were for two different diseases, one or both were for two different viruses I assume, but there is a chance that one could have been for bacteria.

Neither were for COVID-19, I know that for sure, she did tell us what they were for, but I can not remember now.

We did not have to take either vaccine, we could take none, one, or both, it was our choice.

They were providing these two vaccines for free to help the community.

I decided that I wanted to take both vaccines, and I asked my supervisor, Ms. JR, if I could be the first to take them.

She said yes, but I woke up as I made my way to the front of the line to let them know.

The end,

  • John Jr

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