Hikers Trying To Shoot Me

English: A view of Mount Wachusetts looking over the Nashua River valley from Saint Benedict Abbey
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This dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D, and I was inside my fictional parent’s house working on a computer.

My dad and one or more of my brothers were also there, and my dad found out that my mom left somewhere alone without telling anymore.

He assumed that she left looking for a house & land for my future sister-in-law KC & my brother KDC, who will be getting married soon.

My dad assumed that my mom was gone to look at abandoned property out-of-town that is owned by some family members of her side of the family.

I was curious to see some of that family owned land / property that I had not seen since I was a kid, that is possibly near and / or in Natchitoches.

So I left in my automobile to drive there, I reached a fictional steep hill that the road went down, that went through a forest.

I started driving down the hill, I saw that trees were blocking the road where it meets the forest, and then I saw a trail with two hikers walking out of it.

One was a thin woman with dark-color skin with a towel or head covering of some kind on her head, the other hiker had light-color skin & was possibly a woman; but I am not sure because they were too far away.

So I decided that I would see if I could possibly take the trail, and I was probably going to ask the hikers.

As I was driving forward down the hill slowly, I saw a puff of smoke coming from the hiker with dark-color skin, at first I wondered if she was smoking, but that did not look like cigarette smoke.

She seemed to be in a shooting position on her knees, and I quickly realized that she probably just shot at me with a gun; possibly a rifle.

So I started reversing my vehicle back up the hill, zigzagging behind cover as she tried to line up another shot at me.

I assumed that they were trying to shoot & kill me, rob me, dump my body in the forest, and steal my vehicle; that was the only logical reason that I could think of for them to be trying to shoot me.

I heard one of them saying shoot him, while the shooter said that she was trying to line up a shot, but that I keep moving too much for her to get a good shot.

Furthermore, I escaped back to the highway and I drove away quickly, eventually I stopped at a business along the highway that was a multipurpose recreational-like place.

In this business you paid for entry, you could buy some food & drinks at the front desk, they probably had games & video games that you could pay to play, you could even jog / walk / exercise there, and there were other things that you could do & pay to do.

I started jogging through the building behind an older man with light-color skin who was humming and / or singing as he jogged.

We jogged through hallways in this possibly multi-story building.

When I tried to pass him, he grabbed me by the collar, and he moved me back; and he continued jogging like nothing happened.

I did not try to resist, I was shocked / surprised, but I stayed calm.

I continued jogging behind him trying to decide what to do, should I try to pass him again, since he was slowing me down, and risk getting into a fight; or should I just jog slowly behind him, and let him lead.

While thinking about this, I heard someone mentioning that the man forgot to pay when he entered the business, so he possibly went to the front desk to pay.

I realized that I had not paid to enter the building, so I also went to the front desk to pay.

While waiting in line to pay, I noticed that they had $0.75 hot dogs, and maybe if you also got a drink it would only be a $1.00 – $1.75 for them together; it was some kind of meal deal.

So I was going to get one for myself and my family.

An older Asian woman with light-color skin was the assumed owner and / or front desk worker, but I woke up before it was my turn to pay & buy some hot dogs & drinks.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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