10-1-2014 | Dream | A Disaster + Military Recruit Training + The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) + My Cousin DE = ?

The -foot ( m) diameter granite CIA seal in th...
The -foot ( m) diameter granite CIA seal in the lobby of the original headquarters building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A headache interfered with my sleep and my last dream and I woke up with a slight headache, and so I can only somewhat remember part of my last dream; but the most important parts of the dream are missing and unclear, and so the dream does not make much sense.

I think that one or more disasters happened in the dream and maybe many people in the world died, including maybe my parents and maybe some of my brothers (at least one of my brothers was alive, maybe my brother GC, but I can not remember if any of my other brothers were in the dream or not), and I am guessing that some of us survivors joined the military/government/intelligence agencies/police/et cetera to try to help people; and I remember being inside a multi-story building, and I seemed to be in military recruit training on an upper floor with other people including former classmates of mine.

We were in a small room with rows of long brownish colored rectangular tables with chairs having class/training that was being taught by a mean male soldier with whitish colored skin and a very strict mean female soldier with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was his assistant, and some of my former classmates who were there included: my former female classmate MW, my former male classmates BH and BH, and several others who I can not remember.

At some point we were sitting at computers looking at our own blogs/websites/whatever, my blog was still at Windows Live Spaces oddly, and then we had to switch seats and computers and show our blogs to the two instructors but my blog would not load on the new computer that I was moved to and another website would try to load when trying to reach my blog; and for some reason(s) that I can not remember I was happy about this because I do not think that I wanted our instructors to see my blog, and I remember explaining/showing this problem to the female instructor and at some point I left class/training to explore and I reached the first floor at some point.

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9-30-2014 | Dream | An Aliens Inspired Dream With Lions And SA Buffet And The Young Shepherdess Painting

Lion - Louisville Zoo
Lion – Louisville Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember part of my last dream from last night that was somewhat inspired by the movie Aliens, which I watched part of last night before going to sleep, and all that I can remember of the dream is that at some point I was with some of my family during the day at a shopping center like the one where the Goodwill Computer Store used to be in the city of LC.

I can not remember most of the dream so most of the parts of the dream that were inspired by the movie Aliens are missing, I remember walking outside on the covered walkway, and there was a friendly lion outside in the parking lot; but suddenly another lion ran across the parking lot to attack some of my family and I, but the friendly lion started fighting the other lion. (All of the lions in the dream were male lions)

My family ran back into the building and I had a dark-colored pistol, I ran to help the friendly lion but I was having a hard time trying to get a clear shot as they fought, and at some point I shot at the other lion a few times and it ran away; and the friendly lion chased it, some of my family walked back outside, and we noticed some blood on the parking lot but I was not sure if I shot the other lion or not.

Another lion came running across the parking lot to attack us and it had a metal plate on its head like someone had done surgery on its brain and took out part of its skull, it also seemed that something was controlling it (maybe an alien attached to its brain or a device) and that is possibly why the other lion attacked us as well (all of the lions that tried to attack us probably had metal plates on their head as well, like parts of their skulls were missing and like something was done or added to their brains), and I let the lion run close enough to me so that I could shoot it in the head; and I shot it in the head, but it kept running at me, and so I hit the lion in the head with the handle of my pistol.

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9-29-2014 | Dream | Walking Through A Mall And Looking For A Place To Eat And Getting Special Abilities From An Alien/Entity?

Entity (album)
Entity (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I seriously did not feel like typing my dream from last night and I was in a depressive mood for most of the day until I did my almost daily jog/exercise routine, and so now I will try to quickly type this dream before my mood changes again or something like that.

I only remember three parts of my last dream from last night with the first part of the dream taking place inside a somewhat familiar fictional mall during the day, this mall was designed where the workers could move walls and shelves to remove/add/reorganize/change the layout of the inside of the mall and/or businesses inside the mall, and I was walking around this mall as other people shopped/et cetera.

At some point I wanted to walk to another part of the mall and so I tried to take a shortcut through a store inside the mall that was being added or removed or reorganized by workers who were moving the walls/shelves/et cetera, I had memories of visiting this mall before as I took this shortcut, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The second part of the dream took place late in the afternoon or early in the evening in a fictional city or a fictional version of the city of LC near where the Oriental Market (that is what it is really called) on R Street should be, I think there were parts of a school or college there and maybe I was a student but I am not sure, and I remember exploring a small almost shopping center-like place with various businesses.

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9-28-2014 | Dream | Parachuting Without Parachutes?

A skydiver sits in a rubber raft steadied by t...
A skydiver sits in a rubber raft steadied by three other jumpers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I only remember part of my last dream which was a bit long and confusing/unclear, my memory of this dream is fading, and so I will try to type what I remember; I know that this dream took place in at least three different fictional and slightly fictional locations during the day.

The first location was a fictional outdoor area that was possibly not too far from a long highway/bridge like the long bridge to the city of NO that is over water/swamp(s), I was in this area with other people and maybe tourists who were eating/drinking/talking/walking/sitting/et cetera, and in the sky near the bridge/highway we started to see young adults parachuting from the sky without parachutes it seemed (or most of them had no parachutes).

At first it seemed like college students doing dangerous things for fun as some of them landed safely in trees or the water or even on land but some of them did not land safely and they died, and then it started to seem like they were possibly like soldiers in the military being used/sacrificed as part of some plan to use as many young adults as they could to help them win a war and/or something like that.

It seemed that this was either part of their training and/or part of the recruitment process to see who survives and/or they were returning from the war, none of them had uniforms or seemed like soldiers but I assumed this, and I even remember the phrase/slogan “Support Our Troops” possibly being used in the dream.

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