8-1-2014 | Dream Fragments | A Place For Justin Bieber’s Family And Friends? | People Speaking French And My Brother GC Gets Arrested

English: Captive's medical clinic, camp 5, Gua...
English: Captive’s medical clinic, camp 5, Guantanamo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dream 1

I had two long and detailed dreams last night that were so long and detailed that I can not remember important parts of the either dream now, but I do somewhat remember part of both dreams.

At some point in the first dream I was in my parents’ yard during a nice day and I thought that everyone had left the house/yard except for me, and at some point I walked across the street to the area where B used to live which is now owned by our neighbor Mr. RD; but in the dream the area closest to the road was a nasty dirty and damp area instead of grass.

This area had a nasty drain(age) pipe with molded nasty water with dead mice/rats/other non-human animals, trash, rotted food, et cetera around the area; but I can not remember why I walked to this area, and I remember bending down and putting my hand on the top of the drain(age) pipe to look inside of it.

I saw some dead mice/rats/et cetera along with molded nasty water with trash and rotted food but then I saw what seemed to be a living rat or mouse that saw me and it started moving toward me, and so I decided to walk back to my parents’ yard but something stabbed into my finger like a splinter or something like that.

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7-31-2014 | Dream Fragments | An Annoying Police Officer And Olga Kay | A Mountain-Like Area And Water In The City Of D

dream world
dream world (Photo credit: Martinliao)

Dream 1

I forgot most of my dreams from last night but I do barely remember part of two dreams from last night, and the first dream took place during the day inside a fictional building where there were several other people in a room with me.

Each person had their own little area where they sat and I think that we each had a small automobile to sit on and I put the automobile that I was sitting on was on in park, and we could press the gas pedal but it would not move but the tires would move; and you could hear the engine speed up as you pressed the gas pedal.

At some point Olga Kay from YouTube entered the room wearing a very short tight-fitting colorful dress with a very short thin ripped tennis skirt where you could see her underwear which was/were also ripped, some people assumed that she worked as a prostitute, but I knew who she was and I told them and I asked her if she was okay because her skirt and underwear were ripped.

Olga told me that she was okay but her skirt and her underwear accidentally got ripped because they were so thin, she regretted wearing them and the dress that she was wearing, and so I gave her some of the clothes that I was wearing so that she could cover herself; and she thanked me, but we got interrupted by an annoying male police officer with whitish colored skin and short yellowish colored hair before she could cover herself and I remember a song playing in the background that I think was the song B#### I’m From Louisiana by maybe Louisiana Ca$h (I am not sure I had to look it up, I heard this song once at a college American Football camp, and I had no idea who sang it but I remember them saying “I’m from Louisiana” over and over and over and over again).

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7-30-2014 | Dream Fragment | A True Blood Inspired Dream With Hepatitis V/Hep V

English: Logo from the television program True...
English: Logo from the television program True Blood Français : Logo original de la série télévisée True Blood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I almost forgot all of my dreams from last night, I think that I woke up to start thinking about my dreams, but I probably accidentally went back to sleep and forgot them all.

I did have one last dream that I barely remember which was inspired by the latest episode of the TV show True Blood, which I watched before going to sleep, and the dream continued about where that episode ended.

The vampire character Bill Compton from the TV show True Blood was still dying from the Hepatitis V/Hep V virus and his progeny Jessica Hamby was still depressed about it, and she was acting like she was dying too or like she was going to kill herself when Bill died.

Bill probably left with Sookie Stackhouse to enjoy the bit of time he had left to live but Jessica stayed at their house/mansion to mourn/be depressed/to prepare for death, but a man who was probably a vampire came to cheer Jessica up and either that man/vampire was me or I eventually became him and/or I came when he left.

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7-29-2014 | Dream Fragment | My Former Classmate SB Working As An Artist And Now Looks A Bit Like Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch (Photo credit: honeyfitz)

I had several dreams last night but I forgot them all except for barely part of the end of my last dream, and I did not voice record any of my dreams from last night.

There was more that happened in the dream that I can not remember where I think that I traveled with my parents’ and/or several other people during the day to several fictional locations, and several other things happened that I can not remember.

At some point we went inside a building with maybe carpeted floors with various hallways and rooms where people could open small businesses/shops/et cetera, and we walked around exploring/shopping.

At some point we entered a room that possibly had one or more windows and maybe a door to an outdoor maybe courtyard-like area, and in this room we saw various paintings and other forms of art.

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7-28-2014 | Dream Fragment | Age Of Empires III + Naruto Shippuden + Godzilla = ?

Cover of the first DVD from the season release...
Cover of the first DVD from the season released by Aniplex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream, my memory of this dream is very unclear now because I did not voice record it, but I will try to type it anyway.

The dream took place in a fictional cloudy gray/somewhat dark world that started like the dream was inspired by the video game Age Of Empires III because the world somewhat looked and felt like that video game with similar older technology/weapons, and a person (I can not remember if it was a man or woman) was leading a group of musketeers and skirmishers across maybe a field.

Somewhere else in the dream world a somewhat older husband and wife were given an order by their boss, who had his own army, to send their soldiers to retrieve a certain person who was their long-lost child (who was now an adult) who they gave away years ago when they were poor in hopes of him having a better life; but now they were rich with their own soldiers, and they worked for a man who had an army.

Their boss did not say why he wanted their long-lost child and somehow he knew where their long-lost child was, and they did not think to ask because they were so excited about the chance to finally see their long-lost child; and possibly because they might have been in a contract with their boss to serve him without question.

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7-27-2014 | Dream Fragment | Trying To Barbecue Inside A BP School Board Building While Being Bothered By A Man Who Looks Like Bill Hicks

Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Hicks
Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Hicks

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of one dream that took place during the day, and before the end of the dream some of my family and/or I went on a trip in maybe a city in T; and we and/or I probably stayed at a hotel for a day.

We and/or I drove back to the city of D at the end of the dream and I remember being with my parents’ and maybe a few of my brothers, and we drove to some of the BP School Board building across the street from the main building.

I had no idea what we were doing because I guess that my mom wanted to surprise us and eventually my dad drove up, and he took us to a fictional version of the building next to where the Maintenance Shop that he works in used to be.

He took us inside one of the smaller rooms/parts at the front of this building that had a large barbecue grill/pit near the front windows and the entrance/exit door, and they got the barbecue grill/pit ready; and they started putting meat that they brought on it to barbecue/cook it.

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7-26-2014 | Dream Fragment | Swimming And Strange Things Happening At A Hotel Buffet?

English: Body of water in Männiku
English: Body of water in Männiku (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I finally got some sleep tonight but I failed to voice record any of my dreams and I slept too late, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of one dream.

The dream probably took place over several days at a fictional hotel and some of my family, and some other people I can not remember were probably there was well.

There was a wooden dock area at the back of the hotel that was connected to a body of water that was small, but it connected to a larger body of water; and I remember swimming in the smaller body of water by the dock area with several other people on different days, and during the evenings and nights I usually stayed on the dock instead of swimming out of fear of wild non-human animals in the water.

I think that during the evening and night you could see some wild non-human animals, fish, et cetera so I mostly only swam during the day when they did not seem to be around; and I remember us having a good time swimming each day, but I was usually cautious and a bit afraid each time because this was not a swimming pool and it was natural body of water with wild non-human animals (some of which/whom were dangerous).

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