A Kings Inspired Dream: The Sword Master & Royal Incest?

The last two nights or more I have had small dream fragments related to or inspired by the TV series Kings, there have been at least 4 in 2 weeks or less, which has to be a new dream record for me or something.

At this time, I only remember part of two dream fragments, one from the night before and one from last night.

The Sword Master

The one from the night before did not have me in the dream, except maybe I was the sword master a few times or not at all, I am not sure.

I am not sure how the dream started but at some point I remember King Silas Benjamin’s daughter, Princess Michelle Benjamin, walking through an open market-like area with a bodyguard, probably.

In this open market were many people selling, buying, talking, etc. and one of them was a sword master; he was the current champion swordsman in the country, and he had long curly black hair, honestly he reminded me of Duncan Idaho from Dune mixed with a character from Bleach.

He happened to be showing off some of his skills when he spotted the princess, and he appeared to be interested in meeting her, so he walked over to talk to her.

They both seemed interested in each other and their conversation went well, the dream then jumped to different clips showing the princess and the sword master trying to secretly date to avoid the King from finding out; but one day King Silas became suspicious of his daughter and decided to follow her himself, with a bodyguard or two I think.

He managed to spot the princess and the sword master kissing, and decided to face his daughter and then the sword master; so he waited to face his daughter when the sword master walked off.

They had an argument, the princess told him the truth, and King Silas went to face the sword master next.

The sword master was walking through the open market when either he spotted a man or the man spotted him, either way the man had a thin plant that was about 4 feet tall with a flower next to it in a pot, and he was carrying it; either the sword master asked to buy it or the man offered to sell it, either way it was sold to the sword master.

The plant was a very rare plant that rarely grows a fruit that will make a human immortal if you eat some of it, you can still be killed though of course; King Silas then walked up to the sword master to face him about his daughter the princess.

The sword master told him the truth of their relationship and asked for King Silas’s permission to date his daughter, but King Silas said that he had not proven himself yet, so the answer was no.

The sword master then offered a deal with the King, he offered to share the fruit with the King/his family/and his most trusted members of his government/military/etc. if the King would allow him to eventually marry his daughter and become a member of the royal family; the King agreed if the sword master would promise to first win his approval before dating/marrying the princess and if the sword master would promise to not make any attempts to become King unless chosen by him in the case that the prince is not found worthy to rule.

The sword master agreed and stated that he had no interest in becoming King and only wanted to marry the princess, but he was confused about how he would prove himself to the King; since he was already the current champion swordsman and no one could defeat him in combat.

The King then said that he did not doubt his skill in combat, but he wanted to test his other virtues to prove that he is worthy to marry the princess.

The dream jumped to showing the sword master as a member of the royal family, he was married to the princess, and they appeared to be happy; but then I woke up.

Royal Incest?

Last night my dream was more negative and disturbing, and it started in King Silas’s throne room with an angry crowd heckling two prisoners; I was not in the dream at this point, or maybe I was but only for a moment, I am not sure.

One of the prisoners was the prince and the other was his secret boyfriend, and they were about to be sentenced for their crimes against the throne, I guess for being homosexual and a prince or something.

They were put into a room, and then I could only see part of the throne room for a moment, King Silas was not there yet, but many other government officials were, and they were still yelling and cursing the prince and his boyfriend.

At some point I was able to see inside the small room that the prince and his boyfriend were in, and to my surprise Queen Rose Benjamin was there sitting on the bed looking depressed and in shock, and the prince’s boyfriend was dead with a hole either in his stomach or heart.

The prince was sitting on the bed with handcuffs on with blood and a dagger in his hands I think, and he looked like he had just killed his boyfriend to avoid the suffering he would go through from the trial, torture, and execution that they would probably get; and it appeared that he was going to kill himself as well.

He was next to his mother the Queen and started to tell her good-bye, then the Queen finally looked at him and kissed him, but not in a non-romantic way.

It was shocking and disturbing, she kissed him & nibbled at his chest, laid him back on the bed, and she appeared to be letting out strong emotions; the scene changed, but it appeared that the Queen probably had sex with her own son in the hopes that she would get pregnant and have another son that will take the throne when King Silas died.

The dream jumped to some point a month or more later, and the Queen was walking through the palace alone still grieving the death of her son the prince, when she came across the room of an old trusted bodyguard who looked like Gurney Halleck from Dune; she seemed to want someone to share her grieve with, and she trusted him, so she came into his room by surprise right as he was about to get into bed.

He was surprised and they both started talking, they both appeared to understand each other, and at some point the Queen went to unleash some of her grief sexually, but she heard King Silas coming down the hallway.

The Queen and the old body-guard then stood up as King Silas came to the room, the Queen told the King that she had come to talk with the body-guard, and the body-guard asked permission to leave since it was obvious that the King had come to talk to the Queen privately; so the King and Queen stayed in the room to talk privately, and surprisingly the King did not see anything odd about the Queen being at a body-guard’s room alone, but he was suspicious about something else.

He had found out that the Queen was pregnant and had even had a DNA test done that showed that there was a 95% or 97.5% chance that the baby was his, and then he waited for the Queen to say something; she then said that DNA tests were not perfect and that the numbers may be lower due to normal mutations or whatever.

The King seemed to agree, but something did not seem right to him about the situation, he asked her had she cheated on him with anyone, and the Queen said that she had never slept with anyone outside the family; the King believed her but briefly stopped to consider if she could have slept with her own son, but the prince was dead, and he did not want to believe that his own wife would do something like that.

That seemed to help him feel better about the situation, but something still did not seem right to him, but he apologized to his wife about questioning her, and then he walked off; he did not consider that the matter was completely resolved, but he felt that he needed to do some more investigating until he confronts his wife again.

Then I woke up, that was odd.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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