A Messed Up Shotgun

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of my last two dreams from last night, with both dreams taking place at my grandfather’s house during the day, and my uncle CE was in my grandfather’s yard in the first dream; but he left at some point, and I saw my cousin ME at some point but he left too.

I went over to my grandfather’s house to check his mail & get his newspaper for him and I noticed a sport utility vehicle (SUV) parked in the street & next to his house, and I thought that it belonged to my cousin ME or my uncle CE; and so I decided to drive the SUV in my grandfather’s yard so that it will not be in the street blocking traffic, the keys were already in the SUV.

After moving the SUV I started to wonder if it was really for my uncle CE or my cousin ME, and I started to worry a bit; but since it was close to where it previously was, I stopped being worried, knowing that who ever it was for would find it easily.

Dream 2

I am not sure if the next dream was connected directly to this dream or not, but I remember walking toward my grandfather’s yard and maybe someone called me to ask me to check my grandfather’s house; because a few strange automobiles were at his house, but I am not sure if someone really called me or if I felt that something was wrong.

Either way, I remember walking to my grandfather’s door which was open but the screen door was closed, and the house was dark; and I felt that someone was robbing the house and/or that my grandfather was in danger, and somehow I had a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun & I sneaked into the house to face who ever was in the house.

I entered the house quietly like I was trained in clearing houses & I was not afraid, I checked my corners, and I decided to clear the right side of the house first since I heard noises on the left side of the house; the right side of the house was clear, and so I crossed the middle room to the left side of the house next to my grandfather’s room, and down the hallway I heard voices.

I hid partly behind the doorway of the middle room pointing my shotgun down the hallway, and then I saw a man with a gun who seemed to be stealing stuff, and so I told him to stop what he was doing & to drop his gun & that I had a gun & that I did not want to hurt them but I would shoot if they did not stand down.

Instead of following my advice the man tried to shoot at me and so I went to shoot him, but the trigger on my shotgun was hard to press & it got stuck like it was messed up; the man fired a shot at me, but then I finally shot him, but then two or three other men ran out of the room shooting at me.

I tried to pump the shotgun action to release the shell but the action would not release the shell like it was messed up/stuck (I was shocked that the pump-action shotgun was messed up like that, since they are usually more reliable, and easier to un-jam), and so I had to run outside as the men chased me shooting at me (which was messed up, since I could have killed the men inside if it were not for my messed up shotgun, everything was going great until that point); and I wanted to move them away from my grandfather’s room (I am not even sure if he was in the house or not, but I did not want to risk them finding him, even if he was sleep), since they had not checked it yet.

The men ran outside through the hallway door toward their automobiles, and there were more men with guns with them by the automobiles; and they all looked and sounded like your stereotypical racist, country, militia, gun obsessed men.

I ran outside across from them by the mail box, and a short shoot-out began; but my shotgun was still messed up, and so I only was able to shoot one or two of the men, before my shotgun broke completely.

I was now unarmed, out-numbered, and afraid as the men yelled racist & angry things at me (yes they had annoying country accents) while trying to shoot me to death with pistols, rifles, and maybe a few shotguns; and so I ran inside of my grandfather’s house trying to throw things on the ground to slow them down, as I ran up stairs trying to find some of my grandfather’s old guns.

Unfortunately, the men reached the second floor before I could find a gun, and so I climbed to the roof to escape; and outside my grandfather’s yard I saw my dad doing yard work & I saw a fictional dog that I somehow knew, and so I yelled for my dad to get into my grandfather’s truck because some men with guns were trying to kill me.

I jumped off of the roof to the ground and I ran into my grandfather’s truck in the driver’s seat & I told the dog to jump in, the dog jumped in the truck took like he could understand me, and somehow my dad had the key to the truck; and so I cranked the truck up in a panic, and I started trying to reverse the truck to the street as the men ran outside shooting at us.

In my panic I accidentally woke myself up from the dream, after waking up I wanted to go back to sleep and fight the men with my dream powers if I could manage to go back into the dream as a lucid dream, but I could not go back to sleep since I had already slept long enough.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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