A Dream With Several Different Strains / Strands / Types Of Consciousness With Pauline Croze

I went to bed late last night, I got awakened briefly during the night by someone probably because I was snoring, and I woke up again during the night feeling like I had to use the bathroom but I went back to sleep without using the bathroom and without voice recording my dreams unfortunately.

So I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of my last dream which is very unclear/incomplete and confusing, but I think that the dream took place during the day in a fictional house where my family and I lived and one or more unknown fictional people were in the house with us as well I think.

I think that this house was where the G House that my grandfather owns should be and it probably looked like a remodeled modern and larger and better looking version of the G House, my family and the other people and I were doing various normal things, but this dream was a bit unusual because there were what I will call Several Different Strains/Strands/Types Of Consciousness taking place during the dream.

These different strains/strands/types of consciousness were taking place probably at the same time during parts of the dream so smoothly that I did not notice and I was able to continue the dream in a unified/connected/pretty normal way so it was like dreaming, daydreaming, thinking, et cetera at the same time (and not just one of each but several different dreams, daydreams, thoughts, et cetera at the same time) without either strain/strand/type of consciousness conflicting with the other much and so they all ran together smoothly.

I was able to do things in the normal dream while seeing/hearing/feeling/experiencing/et cetera parts of different strains/strands/types of consciousness but unfortunately I can not remember what most of these different strains/strands/types of consciousness were about, but I do slightly remember part of two with one being about conflict between two ethnic groups and/or countries and/or religious groups (like Israel/Jewish and Palestine/Muslim et cetera) but I can not remember which countries/ethnic/religious groups were mentioned exactly.

The other was about the French music artist Pauline Croze doing an experiment where she had a hot-line/phone number that people could call to contact her and talk to her about anything, and I remember seeing/hearing/experiencing/et cetera Pauline Croze being called by a slightly over-fat/obese man from somewhere in Europe who had whitish colored skin with short blondish/grayish colored hair who wore glasses and who spoke English with an accent.

The man called Pauline Croze to talk about a conflict between his country/ethnic group and another country/ethnic group and the man was rude, mean, annoying, and he said many ethnocentric/nationalist/racist/et cetera things during their conversation; and he interrupted Pauline Croze a lot and he did various other rude/mean/annoying things, but Mrs. Croze stayed very calm/professional/logical/kind.

Strangely Mrs. Croze spoke only in English instead of French  to my surprise and she spoke English very good (better than me) and sometimes she used advanced English words that even I do/did not know 😀 , and she spoke very intelligently/professionally/calmly like a scientist/college professor/et cetera; and the atmosphere of her/this strain/strand/type of consciousness had an interesting hard to describe positive/calm/relaxed/intellectual/et cetera feeling to it except for the annoying man who called her/her hot-line.

There was more to this dream and this dream was more interesting than what I described/remembered, but unfortunately that is all that I can remember of the dream.

Today I was surprised by the news that the entertainment wrestler The Ultimate Warrior died, my dad is an entertainment wrestling fan and so I saw The Ultimate Warrior’s speech he gave on Monday on Raw and I noticed that he seemed to be limping/out of breath/et cetera like something was wrong and his speech seemed to somewhat foreshadow his death, but I did not think that he would die the next day.

The end,

-John Jr

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