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Child's Play 2
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Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Flawed, and the question was:

What is your worst quality?

My answer is:

My current inability to properly adapt to or fit with current mainstream human societies/cultures/institutions/et cetera.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started inside maybe a house-like building that looked a bit like The E House and there was a man with medium-brownish colored skin with dreadlocks who had a girlfriend or wife and maybe one or two children, and Chucky from the Chucky / Child’s Play film franchise brutally murdered the man’s family during the dream; and there was blood and body parts all over the room where Chucky murdered them, and maybe he tried to murder the man too or the man found Chucky right after he murdered his family.

The man ended up killing or brutally damaging Chucky, leaving even more blood and body parts in the room, and he was probably going to burn or make sure that Chucky was dead and destroyed; but the police arrived at the house/building as somehow people started to act like they knew that something was wrong, and so the man sneaked away because he did not think that anyone would believe him if he told them the truth.

The man sneaked to a college dorm where he lived or used to live, I possibly was the man sometimes or I was seeing things from his point of view sometimes or maybe something like that, and he/I did not remember which room was his in the dorm suite; and so he/I asked some of his female suite-mates with medium-brownish colored skin who reminded me of some of my former classmates where his/my room was.

They were happy and surprised to see me/him like they had not seen me/him in a while, the women liked the man/me and they thought that he/I was a nice guy, and he/I trusted them and wanted to tell them the truth; but he/I probably did not tell them what happened for several reasons, and they showed me where my room was.

The man/I hoped to hide out for a while and hope that the police do not figure out that he/I was at the murder scene and think that he/I had murdered his family, he/I also hoped that Chucky was dead and that no one would accidentally or intentionally resurrect/fix/heal him, and at some point he/I walked into the hallway of the floor that the dorm suite was on.

There were various college students and other people around, something happened where the man/I ended up in a confrontation with a male gang member, and he/I apologized but the gang member pulled out a handgun anyway; but then the male leader of a gang or the gang who controlled this floor, who had dark-brownish colored skin and he had a bandanna, walked out into the hallway angry and wondering what was going on.

He yelled and he asked what was going on, when no one answered him he then pulled out a pistol and he started shooting people (including some of his own gang members) and he shot and killed the gang member who had pulled a gun on me, and then I told him what had happened; and then he tried to shoot me but I kept dodging and he kept missing somehow, and at some point I did not even dodge and he still could not shoot me even from up close.

The gang leader, the crowd, and I were amazed and it seemed like I had a special or magical ability to avoid getting shot or that the gang leader could not shoot straight; and so the gang leader gave up for now, but he told me that this was not over and then he went back into his room.

At some point I decided to go outside to get away from the dorms because I knew that the gang leader and his gang would try to kill me again, I worried that the police might come to the dorm after the shooting, and I wanted to know if the police were looking for me or not, and I wanted to know where Chucky was; and so I tried to sneak away from the dorm during the day as students were walking around outside.

Things were going good until some gang members who were sent to kill me found me, they started shooting at me but I was able to dodge and avoid getting shot again like it was impossible for people to shoot me, and this amazed and confused and annoyed the gang members; but they kept shooting at me anyway.

Things were going good until the police arrived and the gang members ran, for some unknown reason the police attacked me even though I was not running and even though I was the victim, and I tried to tell them what happened but they kept shooting at me; and they told me to get on the ground and lay on my stomach with my hands behind my head, and so I did this as some other college students watched.

Even though I did what the police said, they kept shooting at me while I laid on the ground on my stomach with my hands behind my head, and I told them to stop shooting and I told them that I did what they said and I asked them why were they shooting at me and I told them that I was the victim and that the gang members who attacked me were escaping; but they did not listen and they kept shooting at me, and to my surprise a bullet hit me in my back knocking off a chunk of my skin/tissue.

So I assumed that I did not have a magical or special ability to dodge and not get shot, another bullet grazed me as well but not as bad, and both shots hurt a bit and I felt weaker; and finally after constantly trying to get them to stop shooting at me, they did once I told them that they had already shot me twice and that I was not resisting et cetera, and that I was probably dying.

The EMTs arrived and they put me on a stretcher to take me to the hospital, I was getting weaker but I felt that I would probably live because both bullets probably only grazed me (the first one grazed me deeply though), and then I was in the hospital needing to recover.

It is possible that I was no longer the man at this point and that I was myself again, the man was still in the hospital recovering, but I was going to probably go see how the police investigation was going and to go find Chucky; and I hoped to help the police learn the truth and believe the truth, and then hopefully destroy Chucky but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me playing the video game Fallout 4, and I was experimenting with securing/defending my settlements during the day in maybe Sanctuary / Sanctuary Hills; and so I was testing turrets and guard towers et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

4 replies on “Flawed | Chucky Gets Killed | I Can Not Be Shot”

Haha, I remember watching “Child’s Play” when I was really young. I think horror movies did a lot to shape the morbid sense of humor I have today. Not many people I know have watched the movie “It” (adapted from Stephen King’s novel) when they were in Kindergarten.

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Hello Tiffany Phan,

I also watched Child’s Play when I was young, except it left me scared, and so sometimes at night I would make sure that the stuffed toys and dolls in the house were where they were supposed to be; and I would often sleep with my pillow over my head hoping that nothing could see me if I could not see it/them (fortunately/unfortunately I never suffocated myself by accident), and I would probably sometimes have bad dreams where Chucky would haunt me. 😀

Watching the film It in Kindergarten, wow, I can not even imagine. 😀

Thank you for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr

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Yeah, those kind of dolls can be a bit creepy, when I was a kid my mom used to have a creepy doll in the living room that I used to check to make sure that it did not move at night; and I possibly even would put it in a display case just in case to prevent it from getting out, and eventually I asked my mom to move it because it scared me and so she did and I have not seen it in many years. 😀

It is good that you got over that fear, congratulations, and thank you again for commenting Tiffany Phan. 🙂

-John Jr


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