A Fictional Version Of San Junipero?

Dream 1

I had this dream when I went to sleep on a couch in the living room last night because I was so tired, I woke up during the night and I got up quickly to get in bed which caused my memory of my dreams to fade quickly, but I was able to save part of one dream by voice recording it before all of my dreams faded away because fortunately my MP3 player is in the living room.

All that I was able to save of this dream was that I remember being inside a multi-story hospital / office / house-like building.

My sister-in-law JC, my baby nephew CC, my mom, an unknown boy, and I were inside this building on maybe an upper floor that was carpeted and office / house-like with a center hall-like room (where cubicles would normally be) with various room around it.

I remember playing with my nephew CC and the unknown boy until the unknown boy went to sleep in the room that we were playing in, and my nephew CC walked into an office hall-like room (which was outside the room that we were in, and there were other room along this hall-like room) where my sister-in-law JC and my mom were to be with them while I stayed in the room.

At some point my nephew CC walked to the entrance of the room looking around somewhat cautiously before entering again, I started talking to him and I picked him up, and then I walked him into the area where my sister-in-law JC and my mom were to talk with them while the unknown boy slept, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream involved me possibly seeing a scene or video (but I am not sure if I was there or not) of a celebrity who somewhat looked like or was the actor LeVar Burton, he was outside during the day in an almost small park-like area near a multi-story building (possibly the building that we had been in or that we were still in) , and he seemed to be having a small concert outside, so there was a crowd watching him talk and sing.

He was sad about the death of another celebrity and / or several celebrities who he had known like maybe Michael Jackson and Prince (who was probably the main one mentioned in the dream), this concert or this part of the concert was possibly a tribute to that celebrity or those celebrities, and I remember him singing and getting emotional and crying, but he got interrupted by two somewhat large male emergency medical technicians (EMTs) (one was bald with light-color skin and the other was bald with dark-color skin).

Then he started to get a bit angry and the crowd started to get a bit angry as the EMTs interrupted him trying to stop him, he started to resist, and I wondered what were they doing.

I then saw that his right cheek on his face had torn and was bleeding, the EMTs were trying to treat it, and they needed him to stop singing so that they could treat his injury and to stop it from getting worse from him moving his mouth.

He stopped resisting, and then he was continuing crying as they treated him, he was very sad and overwhelmed as he thought of his celebrity friend and / or friends who had died (possibly in the recent past like Prince), but I woke up.

Dream 2

I had this dream after I got in bed after voice recording my dream after waking up on the couch in the living room, I had some more dreams, but I did not get out of bed to voice record them, and so this was my last dream.

This dream reminded me of the 3rd episode of the television show Black Mirror (Season 3) of the television show Black Mirror, which was called San Junipero.

It took place in a diner-like restaurant-like place where young adults liked to hang out, I am not sure if I was in the dream or not (probably not), and there were young adults there.

There was a young woman with light-color skin with orange and / or red hair who wore eyeglasses and who looked somewhat like a younger version of the character Yorkie from the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror (Season 3) sitting at a table with a young man with light-color skin with maybe brown hair, and behind the young man was a large structure that probably holds the trash cans with some decorative plants on them, so it blocked the view of the tables behind it.

The Yorkie-like young woman was in a situation somewhat similar to the character Kelly at the beginning of the San Junipero episode, she was trying to avoid another young man who had short curly orange hair who also wore eyeglasses, and he looked like the stereotype of a nerd, and she was possibly interested in the young man who she was talking to at the table that they were sitting at.

The other young man entered the restaurant looking around for her as he walked to a table across the room that was directly lined-up with the table that she was sitting at, but fortunately for her, the structure that held the trash cans was blocking him from seeing her.

The other young man sat at the table looking around for her, and the Yorkie-like young woman would glance around the structure sometimes to see where the other young man was as she talked with the young man at her table.

The cycle continued each day, the dream would jump to this exact scene over and over again like this would happen each day at the same time in the same way, but one day something different finally happened when the young man sitting at her table decided to leave early which left the Yorkie-like young woman alone at the table.

The other young man was sitting at his usual table looking around for her, she wanted to leave, but the other young man would see her, and so she sat there hoping that he would leave but at some point the other young man did something different, and he got up from his table to walk around looking for her.

The other young man walked directly to the structure that held the trash cans on his way past her table, the young woman started to duck hoping to avoid him, but he turned around and stopped before he could past the structure and see her.

I remember thinking that the young woman should not hide and that she should let the other young man know that she was not interested in him so that he would know and so that she could stop hiding from him, it seemed that my thoughts gave her courage and effect / affected her, and so instead of hiding under the table she gained enough courage to just duck her head.

The other young man turned back around to walk past her table, and he noticed her, he stopped to talk to her, and so the young woman went to talk to him politely hoping that he would go away, but he sat down at her table to talk.

The young woman seemed to still be gaining courage from my thoughts so she briefly talked with him waiting for a chance to either politely let him know that she wanted to be alone or that she was not interested in dating him or becoming friends with him, but I am not sure if she got to tell him before I woke up.

I thought that it was interesting how my thoughts and feelings seemed to affect / effect her.

In the real world my mom brought my nephew CC over shortly after I woke up, he is still here now, and so I once again think that it is interesting that I once again dreamed about him, and he ended up coming over later after waking up again even though I had no idea that he would be coming over.

The end,

  • John Jr

4 replies on “A Fictional Version Of San Junipero?”

The first part of your dream makes me think about not stopping to process your emotions. The guy is hurt, but he doesn’t want to stop and fix his face. He’s obviously sad, but he just wants to keep performing, not deal with the actual problem, but then he does give in.

That is interesting how your thoughts were kind of controlling the dream or at least influencing a dream character’s actions.

Maybe you have a psychic connection to this nephew of yours

Thanks for sharing your dreams

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Hello Lost Truth,

You could be right and that sounds like a good interpretation but I assumed that he did not know that his cheek had torn at first and he was caught in the moment, that was my assumption, but it was not completely clear in the dream.

Yeah, your interpretation of that first part just inspired me to try that with this part, it is possible that her situation was a chance for me to indirectly practice dealing with situations like this (not just this exact situation) from a safe distance like my mind was presenting this repeating scenario where I could see it from the outside without directly being in the dream; this probably triggered something inside of me where I saw part of myself in her and her situation, something that I would struggle with (certain social situations, et cetera), and I guess my thoughts and feelings effected / affected her because maybe she was indirectly representing me in a way or something like that.

That would be interesting, if this keep happening I will definitely start to wonder. 😀

You are welcome and thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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I would add that a lot of times I think people don’t realize how bad they’ve been (emotionally) cut by something. They continue on, even if through tears, until those cuts become deep scars.

I like your interpretation of the second part. That sounds good and makes since.


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