John Jr Versus The Police / Military | Natural / Paranormal / Supernatural Threats | A Human Anti-Deity Group Vs. Deities

I do not have time to type all of this better because I need to get in bed so I will just use my rough notes that I made of my dreams from bed along with a bit of my sloppy attempt to type some of these dreams, and I will have to fix this post later tomorrow after work so expect this post to be a super rough draft that will be edited maybe tomorrow so expect missing details and lots of errors et cetera until then.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a LC-like city, my parents and I were there, and I explored a college and some parts of the city.

I am not sure what started all of this, but I assume that maybe some police mistakenly attacked us and / or someone else trying to kill us / them so I was forced to defend myself and / or them.

I / we survived, but this led to even more police trying to kill me or us as more types of law enforcement continued to hunt me / us down slowly; and so it started with local police, then sheriffs joined, then SWAT joined, then the military joined, and then military special forces joined.

Basically it became a battle that I did not want to be part of but they kept trying to kill me and / or us, and so I kept fighting and running for my life using the weapons of those I defeated.

I battled by foot and by vehicle with guns, portable anti-aircraft weapons, maybe grenade launchers, maybe missile launchers, et cetera.

I shot down helicopters, including at least one special forces helicopter but the special forces soldiers jumped out before I shot it, and I shot at other military aircraft.

I really did not want to fight the military, they were just trying to help the police (who were the ones who probably started this), and they had no idea of the truth of the situation and they were just doing their jobs so I tried to avoid killing them when possible and I could have shot down the special forces helicopter sooner but I hesitated which allowed them to possibly survive.

Somehow I was surviving this but the special forces soldiers looked ready and they had a plan, they seemed to be my biggest threat along with the military aircraft flying around, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place in the same city and at the same college as the previous dream but it was later in the day (evening or night maybe), and in this dream I went through the college as a party / maybe prom-like even was taking place.

In the dream there were some real and virtual areas that I explored that had various natural, paranormal, and supernatural threats that some other people and I had to deal with as we fought and ran and sneaked through various real and virtual areas.

There were vampires, mythological-like creatures, and maybe even some minor deities in the dream as well; and maybe one or more minor deities helped us, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This is possibly a series of connected dreams or a dream that kept repeating or something at first, I was at a college again but this time during the day, and once again this dream involved moving inside and outside of a college dealing with obstacles and threats et cetera.

This college’s main threat were some poor and often mentally unstable and sometimes knife wielding fake students and / or students and / or people who would just hang out and sometimes rob and harass and attack people.

I went through this college so many times during this dream that I literally got stronger and at the end of the dream I was able to jump to and climb up a second story indoor bridge / stairway that went above a nice large area below that was a bit shopping mall-like but was part of the college, and there were various college students walking and talking and eating and drinking and studying et cetera.

After crossing the bridge-like area to reach the second floor there was a man from maybe India (Indian) on the ground he was very thin and he looked mentally unstable, he had a knife in his hand that he was moving around slowly toward people walking by, and so I walked around him because he was probably going to get up to attack people soon.

Security guards were arriving to deal with him as I did this, my coworker Mr. CF was among them and he was probably the head security guard of this college, and I kept going because I felt that they could handle this problem.

Dream 4

This dream or dreams probably took place during the day in what looked like a slightly fictional version of the city of D mostly in a parking lot and / or field that was like a fictional version of the parking lot where the shopping center on Eastside is, and this dream had deities in it.

In this area was an unique somewhat domed building that was beautiful and it looked like it had a combination of ancient European and Asian / Middle Eastern et cetera styles that you would expect deities from those cultures to live in, this building had a gold wire (not really wire but metal with openings in it) frame or something that could come out around it and it could light up, somewhere inside this building was a portal that was used by some deities it seemed to move in and out of our human world / dimension from their world(s) / dimension(s).

When the gold frame would move out and when the building would light up that possibly meant that the portal was open, when the building looked normal the portal was probably closed, and the deities would usually stay inside and near the building.

This building was like a vacation spot for deities, they would go into the building through the portal and vacation in this extravagant building, and humans could visit the building too sometimes but the building was protected by a large golden metal golem and some smaller golems so they kept out humans during the times that it was closed only for deities while also policing the building when humans were allowed inside.

Most of the deities I saw were goddesses, the goddesses that I saw mostly or only had light-color skin with long nice curly hair wearing beautiful ancient Greek / Roman / Middle Eastern-like clothing that you would expect ancient deities to wear, and most of them looked down on humans.

There was a human anti-deity group in the dream who were constantly against the deities, some were probably peaceful but some were violent, and so I would sometimes see the golems fighting the violent anti-deity group members; and the golems would always win.

At the end of the dream I was in the parking lot when I saw several goddesses wandering further from the building than most deities normally do, one of them reminded me of the actress Polly Walker, and she and several other goddesses were talking down on humans.

These goddesses were vacationing here briefly, they were pretty carefree, even when they could see that the anti-deity group was stepping up their violent attack attempts on the building; but they felt that they were unstoppable I guess since they were goddesses.

While they were having fun talking down on humans while sight-seeing, the gold frame around the building popped out and the building lit up so the portal had opened, and this immediately scared the goddesses because it was not supposed to be open right now and so they needed to get back to the building to avoid being stuck here until the next time the portal was supposed to open I guess.

But something was wrong as they ran to the building, it seemed that maybe members of the anti-deity group had possibly gotten inside the building and had possibly opened the portal themselves, and now the goddesses could not get back inside.

I assumed that if this was true then the anti-deity group probably was in the process of attacking the deity’s dimension(s) / world(s), the goddesses were now stuck here until the portal was closed again so that the building would be open again, and so they were probably at risk of being attacked and / or stranded for who knows how long.

But I woke up as they seemed worried.

The end,

-John Jr

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