A Strange Hospital During The COVID-19 Pandemic

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the on-going Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic at a fictional hospital, but I can not remember if I was in the dream or not.

Throughout the dream there were normal professional things going on at the hospital, but the focus of the dream was mostly on unprofessional and strange things that were happening at the hospital.

Besides the normal things there were various unprofessional and unhealthy things going on, I can not remember most of them, but I do remember a few things.

One thing that I saw was a hospital employee taking a pack of yeast rolls out of a freezer and putting them on the floor to thaw out instead of putting them on a pan and in the stove, and I thought that this was a bad idea and risky especially during a pandemic.

A second thing that I saw was what I assumed to be a female nurse who would trick and take advantage of patients, and she would trick them into thinking that they had to do something for her before she would do her job and help them.

At one point this unprofessional nurse entered the room of a male patient who was on a hospital bed, he possibly had a foot injury or something that she was supposed to maybe massage and/or change the bandages for or something, but she tricked him into doing something for her if he wanted her to help him.

The nurse made him massage her feet and cut her toenails to her liking, after he did that, she finally helped him like she was supposed to do.

She treated her job like an illegal business so she was always hustling and taking advantage of people, the parts of the dream with her in them were like a Rooster Teeth skit, and she even looked a bit like a member of the Rooster Teeth team.

There were various strange things that happened at this hospital that I can not remember, but I do remember one strange thing involving either a woman or a mostly human-looking but possibly slightly chicken-like female humanoid who seemed to be maybe a nurse or she was at least dressed like an old style conservative nurse or a Catholic nurse from the 1960s or earlier who wore a long dress or skirt et cetera.

There were two male doctors with light-color skin usually with her, they treated her like she was not human (maybe she was not) and more like a pet and servant, and one of them seemed to be using her to make extra money it seemed because she could lay eggs oddly; and one of the doctors would collect the eggs and sell them I assume.

I can not remember how large the eggs were, I just know that she would lay eggs, and the doctor would constantly do things to increase her egg production.

I remember the three of them being in a small room, she was sitting on either a toilet or chair by maybe a window either trying to use the bathroom or take a break, but one of the doctors gave her no space or rest as usual.

The doctor was rubbing her stomach (from the outside of her clothing) to increase the rate that she would lay eggs, and so she was dropping eggs at a faster rate as he did this; she was wearing a dress or skirt so the eggs would just drop down, but I can not remember if the doctor had a basket or something to catch them or not.

It was weird, demeaning, dehumanizing, et cetera as this doctor kept bothering her and using her and treating her like a pet and a non-human (which she may have been, but she still should not be treated like that) and like a servant to make extra money et cetera.

When the two doctors were not doing that they were probably making her work as a nurse/assistant, and it seemed that she never had time to herself et cetera.

All of this stuff going on at this hospital during a pandemic was weird and confusing et cetera to me, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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