In LC With My Mom And Where Are My Clothes?

I think that I heard or thought of the song Famous by Mariuk during part of the dream and / or after waking up from the dream:

This dream took place during the day, I was with my mom driving around a slightly fictional version of the city of LC, and my mom dropped me off temporarily at a fictional version of the parking lot where the Kroger on 12 Street used to be; and she was going to pick me up later after driving somewhere else first.

The parking lot was larger, nicer, and there were several fictional businesses in the parking lot like a bank.

It was late afternoon so the sun was starting to get lower which gave a nice look to the area, especially when I reached the bank area that had super tall trees, and the bank had a super tall roof over the covered drive-through.

The bank area was the last area that I walked through in the parking lot, at this point I was starting to wonder what was taking my mom so long, but I was still enjoying the nice scenery and moment because this area was the nicest looking part of the parking lot.

I heard and saw a somewhat older female bank teller with dark-color skin with medium-length black hair talking to a customer at the drive-through through the intercom system, she must have been pretty loud for me to hear her, they were just talking normally and joking around though.

My mom had not returned yet, I was done walking around the parking lot, and so I started walking through a fictional nearby neighborhood that was behind the businesses on PL Street near the shopping mall like one of the Chinese buffet restaurants.

I saw children playing outside, some were possibly some children from India and / or Pakistan whose parents probably owned a nearby business, some were possibly from China whose parents also probably own a nearby business, and the last group of children probably had light-color skin.

I am not sure how this happened but I ended up going inside the house of the children with mostly light-color skin, I am not sure if I saw their parents or not, I just remember being in the living room where most of them were.

I assume that they had invited me inside or something, I was basically waiting on my mom to finally show up, but then I noticed that magically all of my clothes were missing except for my underwear which made no sense because I had my clothes on before and I never took them off.

This is rare but sometimes I have dreams like this where my clothes will magically disappear except for my underwear sometimes, sometimes it is all of my clothes, that makes me curious about whether rare dreams like this have any particular meaning.

I asked the children if they could help me find my clothes, they even looked outside because I could not go out there in only underwear, but they could not find my clothes.

This prevented me from going outside, I had wanted to walk to the Chinese buffet restaurant to get some food, but now I was trapped here until my mom showed up or until I found some clothes to wear.

All the children were young, so they did not have any clothes that would be able to fit me except for the oldest who was a girl who was maybe in 4th grade or 5th grade or 6th grade, and she let me use her white fur (probably fake fur) jacket or coat that looked like the somewhat annoying-looking (sorry Amarna 😀 ) fur (possibly fake fur) coat or jacket that Amarna Miller wore in some of her videos of her road trip around some parts of The United States.

I was barely able to fit the jacket or coat, I thanked her, but I decided to wait on my mom; and I probably called her to tell her where I was.

Fortunately my mom probably showed up eventually, the oldest sister was further back in the house where I could not see her to give her the coat or jacket back, and so I asked her siblings if they would give it to her and let her know that I said thank you; and they said okay, and goodbye to me.

But then I woke up as I probably got in the automobile with my mom, as I told her about what had happened, and I asked if she knew where my clothes went and if there were any other clothes in the automobile that I could wear.

The end,

-John Jr

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