HP 11 | Protests And Riots | JB And Mr. CF

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a house, and my brother GC told me that his mobile phone was acting weird and slower et cetera.

I told him that mine has been doing that recently at times, possibly because I dropped it so many times, and then I started checking his mobile phone for updates from the Google Play Store.

There was one update available called HP 11, I was not sure what that was, but I assumed that maybe it was a driver for some hardware inside the phone that was made by HP.

I started the download / install of the HP 11 update, I told GC that hopefully this would help, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by the current George Floyd protests / riots that are taking place around some parts of The United States.

This dream involved some of my family, some other people (at least two women), and I going to a fictional city to stay at motel house-like place on the upper floor.

I guess it was a little weekend vacation trip or something like that, I possibly spent the first day there with the other people (at least two women), and then the next day with my family.

Protests and riots were going on in the city throughout the dream, getting closer and closer each day, and so we could not really do much at all during our trip.

On our last night there my family and I planned on leaving in the morning, the protests / riots were so close now that we could hear yelling / screaming / fireworks / et cetera, and so that night I was on alert in case someone entered the yard while we were trying to sleep; but I can not remember if I had a gun or not.

Before I got in bed I noticed someone outside in the yard, oddly part of the yard looked like my parents yard, but the entrance to this yard was different with a wall and a gate that opened to a sidewalk and street; and the protests / riots were taking place further down the street on the left side out of sight.

I went outside to see who it was and what they were doing, I saw a male police officer with light-color skin with short yellow hair, and it looked like he was either looking for something or planting something in some shelving and / or stuff that was in the yard closer to the fence on the left side that looked like the area of my parents yard where the trash cans are near the back gate.

His police car was parked in the yard further to his right, I walked further away from him from behind walking toward the carport, but he did not say anything to me or look in my direction; and I did not say anything to him, and I walked under the carport to look behind it to see if anyone else was in the yard.

I then saw him driving out of the yard, I wondered what that was all about, and then I went back inside after checking the yard and making sure that the windows / doors were secure.

It was clear that we needed to leave first thing in the morning or risk getting caught in the protest / riot, and then we would be stuck in the city.

But I woke up.

Dream 3

In this dream I was at work at The BP Library, and I was walking down the hallway in the back employee areas on my way to leave for the day it seemed.

As I was approaching the exit / entrance doors my female coworker JB walked from the break room into the hallway, I stopped to greet her, and I wanted to say something else to her before I left; but then a truck parked in front of the doors, and it was our coworker Mr. CF.

Mr. CF got out of his truck, he walked to the back of his truck trying to get something from out the back it seemed, and JB noticed that the left door was not closed all the way because of a piece of metal (maybe a bar) was preventing it from closing all the way.

I commended her for noticing that, I then moved the metal, and then we started talking about what Mr. CF was possibly doing; and we asked him if he needed help.

Mr. CF probably said something back jokingly, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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