The X-Files Movie Poster | A Serial Killer? | Mr. BB’s Note

Dream 1

I saw a partial small poster or image for the 1998 The X-Files movie (The X-Files: Fight The Future) on a wall, I stopped to look at it, and I started talking to someone else about it and how I had seen the first movie in a movie theater years ago with one of my uncles and some of my cousins.

Dream 2

A man with light-color skin was going around murdering certain people, he was murdering people enough that maybe he would be considered a serial killer.

He was in a bedroom or motel room with his boyfriend who looks like Happy Anderson.

As he was getting out of bed to probably go murder someone else, he grabs his boyfriend’s gun (maybe a revolver), and he asks his boyfriend if he can use his gun.

His boyfriend replies that is not a good idea, that the police might trace the gun back to him.

Dream 3

At the end of the dream I was in a fictional multi-story version of The BP Library about to leave work for the day, and my dad and Mr. BB the husband of my female coworker JB arrived to work the next shift.

I greeted them and said a few things to them, but as I was about to leave I found a note telling me to meet whoever wrote the note near The Straton Machine or The Stranton Machine.

I had no idea who the note was from, why they wanted to meet me, and where / what The Straton Machine or The Stranton Machine was / is.

It probably was not my dad because he did not mention anything when I talked to him, I wanted to go around asking my coworkers and Mr. BB to find out who wrote the note, but I felt that whoever wrote the note wanted to keep this secret

While I was trying to figure this out I wanted to buy something, I stopped at the desk of my female coworker JB to see if I could get a lower price on whatever it was that I wanted to buy, while doing this I wanted to tell JB about the note; but there was a chance that the note was from her husband Mr. BB, and so I decided to see if she would say anything about it without me asking.

JB did not, so I decided to no mention it, and then I decided to leave to see if I could find the meeting location.

I remember driving around during the day slowly on my way toward the bridge by The VFW building, but I have no idea why I chose to drive in that direction to find the meeting location.

At some point on the right side of the road I saw a large black extended cab truck that looked like Mr. BB’s truck, and so I parked next to it assuming that this was the meeting spot and that it was Mr. BB who wrote the note.

The windows were up so I could not see who was inside, I assumed that he wanted to talk to me about his marriage to maybe get some advice, and I wondered why me.

This situation seemed a bit suspicious, and I started to wonder if he was going to roll down his window and shoot me or something; why all the secrecy and why meet like this with no one around like we were spies or something?

He rolled down his window, I asked him if he had written the note and how I had found this spot by chance, and he asked me a question that was phrased as a hypothetical situation not involving any person in particular instead of directly mentioning his marriage and his wife JB.

His phrasing made this easier for me because the conversation was all hypothetical and did not mention him or JB or their marriage, I can not remember the first question or the questions after it, but I do know that he wanted my opinions / advice.

I gave him my opinions / advice using the hypothetical format, I continued to use this format carefully as he asked me questions and for advice, him and JB and their marriage was never mentioned directly; and I did not reveal that I knew anything, and I just gave my opinions to his various hypothetical questions.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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