Orange Juice | June Harris (Dr. Smith) Lying | Library

Dream 1

This dream took place inside my parent’s house, I went to the cooler by the kitchen to get some orange juice, and after I poured a cup of orange juice my brother TDC walked over to me.

TDC told me that he bought the orange juice and that it was for him, I told him that I had thought that it was for the house, and I apologized.

I asked him if he wanted me to pour the orange juice back or if he wanted the cup of orange juice, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved the character June Harris (Dr. Zoe Smith) from the TV show Lost In Space (2018) or the actress Parker Posey, I will just call her Dr. Smith because she was acting like her mostly, and the dream involved Dr. Smith lying to people about being the mother of one or more of the people there.

Lost in Space | Meet Dr. Smith [HD] | Netflix

The person or one of the people who were allegedly her children wanted to know more, they started their own investigation, and they asked Dr. Smith about this.

Dr. Smith claimed that they were born in Europe in a small hospital, and that the father was unknown because she had worked at a college, and she had been with many men during that time.

After telling them this story, they left to continue their investigation, and once Dr. Smith was a lone, she started screaming because she was afraid of the truth coming out; and then I woke up.

Dream 3

I got awakened from this dream by a mobile phone call, and that caused me to forget most of it.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during the day, The BP Library was seen in this dream multiple times, and so I assume that I was often outside and maybe inside the library at various parts of this dream.

I traveled by foot and maybe by automobile along the street in front of the library and in front of the businesses near the library, going back and forth several times for reasons now forgotten, maybe I went to and from work in the dream, maybe I went outside during my breaks, and maybe an event or situation happened outside; but I can not remember.

That is all that I can remember of this dream now after getting awakened suddenly.

The end,

  • John Jr

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