The Horror! The Horror!

Trying to put this into words is too hard for me, so I avoided putting it in writing for a long time.

I could not even come up with a title for this post, and so I had to just pick something.

I am sharing it as a complementary post to go along with my staff pick for the film A Patch Of Blue.

My post about this film is called: A Patch Of Blue, which I hope to watch tomorrow because I ran out of time to watch it today when I started this post.

A Patch of Blue (1965) Official Trailer – Sidney Poitier Movie

A Barney & Betty Hill-Like Experience

Part 1

This was all either one dream with several different parts or several different but connected dreams that all took place during the day at my parent’s yard/house in at least one part of each part of the dream or in each dream, and so I will type them in parts because I am not sure if this was just one dream or not.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during a nice sunny day, and I was outside in my parent’s yard, my dad was working in the yard, and he started telling me that someone he knew had complained about my brother GC and maybe me, and this person said that they had come to the house/yard or outside of it to see my dad several times; and that they saw one of us (probably me) walk into the house, they saw my brother GC doing various things in the yard, and then he went inside as well each time.