Forgetting To Record My Dreams & Forgetting Them

On this day I had some dreams, but I did not record them.

I am not sure if I had a false awakening dream where I falsely assumed that I was awake & I recorded my dreams in a dream, or what happened.

Recording Dreams In A False Awakening Dream

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a false awakening dream where I woke up in the / a dream incorrectly thinking that I had awakened in the real world.

In the false awakening dream, I woke up still in bed, I got my mobile phone that was next to my bed, and I recorded my dream or dreams in Google Docs.

Forgetting To Record My Dreams

Unfortunately, I did not record my dreams that I remembered, even worse, I did not record them later when I remembered them at work, and eventually I forgot what I dreamed about.

I know that one of the dreams involved something normal, probably something from my waking life.

The Taliban & Superpowers & A Woman?

I had several dreams that I did not record or think about today, so I have forgotten most of my dreams, but I do know that the Taliban were in at least one of my dreams again.

That dream or another dream possibly involved someone with superpowers, maybe me, and maybe that person and / or I was super durable and / or able to block and / or avoid most damage; I can not remember this, but I would not be surprised if this person and / or I was able to fly as well & maybe shoot fireballs / energy blasts.

Forgotten Dreams About UFOs & Aliens Et Cetera?

I had several dreams that I remembered but that I did not record, so I have forgotten almost every detail, but I think that one or more of my dreams involved the topics of UFOs & aliens & needing to wake up to get ready for work & several other things.

But that is all that I can remember of my dreams at this time.

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