The Special Recovery Mission & The Betrayal

Last night I remembered parts of my last dream, which took place in some unknown country in Asia (The Middle East) and I was in the military (I guess).

I was with a unit that was sent to recover something and we all appeared to be soldiers, but all of our uniforms did not match, so maybe it was a joint NATO mission or something; I think that the USA military was in charge of this mission though.

We had our combat fatigues, light body armor without helmets, and assault rifles except for the character Rabbit (Reuben Palchuk) from the TV show Trauma (who was our sniper and he had a scoped rifle).

I think Rabbit, one other soldier, and I were from the USA, one soldier was from the UK, but I am not sure where the other soldier was supposed to be from; so there were only about five of us on this mission.

Somehow we came to a small rectangular three-story building that looked like a press box and in front of it were automobile and tank barricades and a few lanes to help control traffic; it seemed to be a border between two countries and this was one of the border checkpoints or whatever they are called.

Our group went into the building and went to the second floor, which had a large glass window across the front like a press box, so you could see the border checkpoint area; Rabbit was going to use this area as his sniper’s nest to cover us as we crossed the border to recovery whatever we were after.

I am not sure what we were after, but it was in a small one floor building on the other side of the border checkpoint which appeared to be the other country’s version of the building that we were in, but theirs was very small.

For some reason there was no one inside or outside of the border checkpoint where we were, I guess they were moved for our special somewhat secret recovery mission or something.

Our plan was simple: Rabbit would cover us from the building, me and the other soldier from the USA would be the forward team, and the other two soldiers would be our support team.

Rabbit appeared to be calm and over-confident, and was wearing shades and a blue uniform instead of camouflage; his job was very important because we were going to be out-numbered and there were many obstacles that would obscure our vision.

We began the mission so Rabbit got into sniping position and the rest of us moved forward using the barricades as cover points.

On the other side there were men wearing head coverings that also covered most of their faces and they were wearing traditional Middle Eastern style clothes and they all seemed to have Russian made weapons like the AK-47, RPG weapons, and rifles.

They were on guard and patrolling around and above the border checkpoint on their side, but they did not notice us at first, but at some point one of their snipers saw us so Rabbit shot him; so the shoot-out began.

I was in the forward team, so I was in the danger zone, fortunately there were barricades that we could hide behind, but our opponents could also hide; fortunately Rabbit was so good at sniping that he shot most of them, without me even having to shoot anyone.

He even shot a man who was about to shoot the other soldier that was in the forward team with me, so the shoot-out did not last long thanks to Rabbit.

We reached the border checkpoint building and the other soldier in the forward team with me went inside and I stood at the door covering him, I think he only had to shoot two men that were inside, and then he took whatever it was that we had come to recovery; but I can not remember what it was.

As the soldier walked toward me carrying the object that we came to recover and as he was briefly celebrating, he was shot either in the head or neck, and the shot came from the direction where Rabbit was; so I was shocked and told everyone to get down.

I ran over to the soldier as he was dying and I asked him what direction did he think the shot came from, and he said it came from Rabbit’s direction (which I also believed); then the soldier died as blood poured from his wound.

I started to yell to the others that it appeared that Rabbit had either accidentally or purposely shot the soldier with the object that we had come to recover, we all felt that it was intentional, because the area was already clear when the shot was fired.

I was angry and confused, and we tried to yell at Rabbit asking him why did he shoot the soldier but we were too far away.

I was afraid that Rabbit was now rogue so I told everyone to stay low and I asked one of them to help me carry the dead soldier and the object back to the border checkpoint building.

Once we got back to the checkpoint building I told one of the soldiers to call headquarters to tell them about the mission and for them to send a helicopter to get us and the object; then me and the other soldiers walked to the second floor to arrest Rabbit.

When we reached the second floor Rabbit greeted us smiling but we stood there staring at him in anger and confusion, and I asked him why had he shot one of our soldiers.

He seemed confused and did not know what I was talking about, so I told him what happened, but he said that it was not him and that he knew nothing about it; I wanted to believe him, but I told him that we were going to arrest him for now until an investigation could be done.

I told him that he would be temporarily court marshaled, I ordered the others to remove his weapons and armor, and told them to handcuff him.

Something about the situation did not feel right, but I did not know who else could have fired that shot so I decided that Rabbit was now our only suspect but an investigation would probably help show what really happened.

I felt bad because Rabbit had saved us during the battle and I trusted him, and I felt bad about the other soldier being killed and I also knew him and his family.

Soon a helicopter arrived for the object, the dead soldier, and Rabbit; while the rest of us stayed to secure the area and protect the investigation team.

The dream jumped a few hours and I got a call from headquarters saying that they almost figured out the case and they had the suspect in custody and Rabbit did not shoot the soldier; so I went to headquarters.

They told me that the investigation team had checked the bullet that hit the dead soldier and it was a standard sniper round that NATO uses and that Rabbit had used, but the bullet was not fired from his rifle; so it was fired from a rifle of another person that used NATO standard sniper ammunition.

Somehow they found the man who shot our soldier (I guess he was still hiding in the building from earlier) and the investigators had searched NATO records to see if any other countries had troops in the area during our mission, and they found that the French military had sent one special forces soldier to the area where we had our mission; and the man who shot our soldier was that special forces soldier they had sent.

The records did not say why the soldier was sent so the investigators were interrogating him, but he would not give them any more information beyond what the records said; the investigators figured out that he was hiding on the third floor above Rabbit when he took the shot, so he was already at the building before we had gotten there.

The special forces soldier looked serious and was silent unless he was asked a question that was already answered by the records, I felt that he either had or would be somewhat tortured, but he had or probably would not give up information since he was a trained special forces soldier and appeared to be able to handle advanced interrogation techniques; I hoped that they had not and would not torture him.

It appeared that the dead soldier was the target of the special forces soldier, but the investigators had no idea why and the special forces soldier would not give up the information.

I was glad to see that the investigation was going well and then I went to tell Rabbit the good news; but I was also confused and wondered why the French military would send a special forces soldier to kill one of our soldiers, when they were allies of the USA and NATO.

Rabbit was released from prison and I told him that I was going to make sure that his temporary court-martial was reversed.

I also apologized to Rabbit for having him arrested and told him that we were going to try to find out why the French military had ordered the murder of one of our soldiers, and we were going to talk to the family of the dead soldier about the situation; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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