Willy Wonka’s Secret Room | President Obama’s Surprise Announcement

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Dream 1

I remembered parts of two dream fragments, one from last night and the other from the night before, the one from the night before took place in a room that looked like the family room at my grandfather’s house.

I only remember talking to a man and then a woman came into the room, she wanted to enter a room that had a solid metal vault-like door, but she did not want to open it with me there at first.

The man I was talking with told her that it was okay, and I then remembered something from another dream, a dream that I do not even remember having now that I am wake.

In this dream memory which was in the past I was at this same family room and I think I was temporarily working for Willy Wonka, and the room with the solid metal door was a hidden room in this dream that belonged to Mr. Wonka.

In the memory the door appeared to be just a wall, but Mr. Wonka would do a series of movements are something around the room touching certain objects while singing, and then the wall would open up to show a door and then he would open the door to his secret room.

After this brief memory, I told the woman who I used to work for Mr. Wonka and I knew about the secret room, realizing that is was safe to open the door; she touched the door and said a special word, and the door opened.

I told her that the door used to open differently when Mr. Wonka had owned it or was there, this door was modern and had hand & voice recognition, and was not hidden behind a wall.

The woman walked into the secret room, which I could not see inside since I was not at the right angle, and even in the dream memory I could not see the inside of the room.

I then told the man in the room something and I started to think about looking inside the secret room, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The dream fragment from last night was unclear and I only remember being in some unknown place, I can not really even clearly describe it, I think it was almost like a garage-like place connected to a house or building.

I think I may have been there talking with a few people and slowly more people came into the garage or room, and at some point The President Of The United States Barack Obama was there, but I can not remember any or many United States Secret Service agents being there.

President Obama looked very troubled, tired, saddened, and any other negative mood words you can think of; he looked drained and broken.

While everyone was around the room talking, I think I heard a few people said that there was a rumor that President Obama was going to share some important information, and at some point President Obama walked up to a small podium to give a surprise announcement.

This is what I think happened and what he said:

“I would like to start by apologizing to the citizens of this country and many of the people of this world for failing to follow some of my duties / laws / rules that I was appointed to follow / enforce / protect.

I and some other members of the government and some other organizations have committed crimes against our country, the world, and humanity; I no longer can handle / take hiding the things we have done / are doing / and some will try to continue doing in the future.

Parts of our government and other organizations have lied to the people about many things including what some call UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), some of them are real, and some have known this and have lied to the people about this; also some of the many conspiracy theories on various topics are true or at least partly true.

There is technology that has been kept hidden from most of the world and knowledge from ancient times until the present time that have been kept hidden from most people.

I only know of some of it/this technology/this knowledge myself due to gaining the trust of certain parts of the government and organizations that have hidden and lied about this technology, knowledge, and more; I committed crimes in helping them hide and lie about this at first, but felt that I could no longer be a part of it and I felt that the people of this country and world must know the truth.

As of this moment I am resigning as President Of The United States and I will let the people of this country decide my fate, whether it be jail or death, I and the others that have lied and hidden things from the people deserve what ever fate that is chosen by the people.

There are many more secrets that I do not know and the people of this country and the world must join together to find all the people responsible to bring them to justice and discover the many secrets that have been hidden for too long.

Many crimes have been committed to protect, hide, find, create these secrets for many years and it will probably take many years to find all of those responsible and the secrets they hide; but it must be done.

I feel that I am already dead, I do not doubt that my life with soon be ended by those that want to continue to hide and lie about these many secrets to the people; but I have already accepted my fate, but still I feel it is a tragedy.

That is all I have to say, it is up to you the people to decide what to do.”

Then President Obama started to walk off like a man on his way to the death chamber or something.

I felt bad for him and was also shocked by his announcement, and wondered what would happen next.

I felt that President Obama’s punishment should not be too serious, since he admitted some of his crimes and officially told the truth that would help led to a huge investigation of many conspiracy theories and finally we may get some real answers.

I also felt that he was in danger and probably could not even trust some of his own Secret Service agents, if he had any, and I felt some of the people would try to kill him; so I wanted to follow him to make sure he was safe.

He stopped somewhere in this garage or building, waiting, I guess for either those that he felt would try to kill him and/or for the people to put him in jail and/or kill him.

I stood not too far away looking around for signs of danger and thinking about how should I handle this situation, I think I did see some Secret Service agents standing around but they were not close to him for some reason.

I also think I saw one of them looking suspicious, like he was waiting for a chance and/or the time to strike/attack, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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