Helping A Little Girl Win A Prize

Last night I got stuck in a quicksand mode or whatever you want to call it, where you get pretty comfortable in bed & sleep a bit deeply & have a hard time getting yourself to get out of bed and/or stay awake, and so the waking & going back to sleep multiple-times and sleeping deeply can cause you to forget your dreams.

Dream 1

Somehow I managed to remember part of two dreams, I know that I had several dreams and that I remembered them at some point, but most of them got lost in the quicksand sleep mode or whatever; one dream involved me changing the water for my brother KD’s bamboo plant & cleaning the glass jar that it was in because algae was building up, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The other dream is very unclear but I know that it took place during the day in a strange but nice fictional area & building that probably did not make sense in its construction/design logically (it is hard to explain but I think that the building was too tall for us to reach the ground without a long walk, but somehow we walked down some stairs & up some stairs at some point like the building was not tall), I remember being on the upper floor of a building at some point after walking from a nice field-like area with grass & flowers, and I was with a group of kids & one or more people who were watching them.

I probably was not with them at first but the kids seemed to need some attention\love, they were probably kids who had parents who did not really take care of them well or love them (one girl had rich parent’s I think, but they spend hardly any time with her and they dumped her with these other people to watch her when they could) and some were probably orphans, and so I stopped to help the few adults take care of the kids during their trip to this building.

I remember us being on one of the upper floors of this very tall building in a lobby-like room with old one floor cinema-style seating or crowded lobby-style seating, and I remember playing with the kids and listening/talking with them.

I remember having a hard to describe feeling(s), I felt that these kids really needed someone to just listen to them & spend time with them, and it felt good to help the kids & I felt like an older brother/role-model/teacher/care-taker/protector/et cetera; and I felt that me helping these kids would make a positive difference in their lives now and in the future.

The kids seemed excited to have me around and so I tried to think of games to play with them, listen to their stories, and it was like being a kid again almost; it was fun/nice.

I remember that one of the kids, a little girl (the one who I think had rich parent’s), stood out to me; and she seemed to really need some love/attention, and so I spent more time with her than with the others.

I remember listening to her and trying to cheer her up, it slowly worked, and I learned more about her & her life and how I could help her; though I can not remember the specifics, I know that she needed attention/love & someone to listen to her (which her parent’s did not do, they bought her stuff, but that stuff does not fill that void)), and so I did what I could to help & it was working.

At some point we all moved to a school cafeteria-like room for a presentation, that seemed to be the main reason that the group had come to this building, and a very small man or non-Human (he probably was not Human & he probably did not look Human but I can not remember, I just know that he was very small) was the presenter; and he started talking like a sales-person, and his presentation was like the ones that used to come to our schools when I was kid trying to sell stuff and/or get us to raise money for something so that they could take advantage of us & make extra profits usually.

I saw right through his greedy capitalistic/manipulative/et cetera schemes but he gave a good presentation that was aimed to trick/hook the kids, and it worked; but I decided to let the kids enjoy themselves since they were having so much fun, and I would make sure that the group made no long-term connections/contracts/payments/sales/sells/et cetera to this small man or non-Human.

The presentation is unclear now but I know that he got the kids & adults involved in a carnival/fair/Chuck E. Cheese’s-like show with a lot of games & competitions where you could win stuff if you got enough points or won enough but the prizes were not worth how much money you had to spend playing the games; you had to pay to play each game & so the small man or non-Human made some quick easy money over-charging for the games, but his real plan was to get the kids/us to buy/sell stuff from/for his company and/or raise money for them and to tell other people in hopes that they get more customers & more people to come to his presentations.

Since I saw right through the small man’s or non-Human’s plans already, I decided to just have fun with the kids playing games helping them win prizes, and earlier in the dream I had learned of a toy that the little girl wanted & so I played games with her helping her win enough points to get the toy that she wanted; and I really wanted to get her that toy since I knew that it would mean a lot to her, especially after the fun/effort it would take us to win it.

We all had a lot of fun and I helped the little girl win the prize and I won a prize, but we/I had to choose what prize(s) we wanted; and after the presentation we went behind the stage/curtain/in the kitchen area to get/choose our prizes.

The small man or non-Human had some more tricks when it came to the prizes, so I kept watching him making sure that he was not cheating us anymore than he already was, he realized this; and so he decided to make me wait until last, when everyone else was gone.

I was determined to get the little girl’s toy that we won and my prize, but he started acting like he could not find her prize; and I was not going to leave until I got it & my prize (I did not care about my prize, but I was still going to make sure I got one).

The small man or non-Human had props of his best prizes or just one of them for show or he had more hidden and so if you won one of the best prizes, he would pretend to not have any more and so you would have to get one or more of the lower prizes, but I was not going to let him use that trick on me because I wanted to get that little girl her prize that we won.

The small man or non-Human realized that this trick would not work on me and I started to get angry (which is rare for me when it comes to dealing with strangers, and I felt like using violence if he did not stop playing games/tricks), and so he started to get a bit worried; and so he probably went and found/got the hidden toy/prize for the little girl and/or he tried to distract me by having me look at the list of prizes to see which one that I wanted.

I had spent most of my time earlier helping the kids win and so I did not have many points, and so I only had a few food items to choose from; and I chose a health/protein bar/candy-bar-like food item.

Another group of people were coming into the cafeteria-like room for the next presentation, while I waited for the small man or non-Human to get the little girl’s prize and/or my prize, but he seemed to be hiding in the back stalling/wasting time hoping that I would leave and/or until it was time for his next presentation so that he could ignore me; but I was not going to leave.

I think that he probably had already given me the little girls toy and so I was probably only waiting for my prize, because if I did not have the littler girl’s prize from him already, I probably would have went in the back of the kitchen & beat him up until he gave me her prize (I was that serious about it); since I realized that he was trying to waste time hoping to not have to give me my prize.

I was willing to wait and risk losing my prize, but I was not going to sit there & risk losing the little girl’s prize; and so he was probably smart enough to give me the little girl’s prize first before trying to avoid giving me my prize.

At some point it was almost time for his next presentation as he hid in the back trying to avoid me, he came walking from the back trying to ignore me once he realized that I had not left yet, and I kept asking him about my prize as he tried to ignore me & talk to some of the new people waiting for his next presentation; and I stopped to think about whether I should give up & walk away (since I did not care about my prize & I probably already had the little girl’s prize) or threaten violence if he did not give me my prize or warn the new group of people that this small man or non-Human was going to trick them out of their money & prizes et cetera.

I could not wait to give the little girl her prize but I wanted to deal with the small man or non-Human first, but I woke up as I was probably threatening the small man or non-Human that I would warn the new group of people about him if he did not give me my prize.

The end,

-John Jr

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