Hanging With Olga Kay | Talking To Kimberly Swan | A Fun / Maze / Scary House & My Fictional Little Sister Named Rose

I barely remember part of two or three dreams, my last dream once again caused me to forget most of my other dreams, and oddly once again I had a fictional sister in my last dream.

Dream 1

My first dream probably took place during the day at a dorm/apartment on a fictional college campus, I probably returned to college & needed a job & maybe a place to stay/live, and at some point I was walking through the hallway or somewhere; and I saw Olga Kay from YouTube trying to play a sport or something with some of her friends or some other students, but she was terrible at it & she was struggling & so I decided to help her.

I joined their game/whatever by being on Olga Kay’s team, I started helping Olga learn how to play/improve her skills, and I helped her start winning the game; and eventually we probably won the game, and Olga was very happy about winning.

Olga invited me to hang out with her and during this time I also helped her with some computer problems, pet problems, cleaning problems, maintenance/equipment problems, maybe cooking problems, et cetera; and because I was helpful in a variety of areas, she asked me to be her roommate/paid helper, and I thanked her for the offer but I told her that I was not sure if I could accept it or not.

There was something maybe involving helping take care of her pet(s) and/or something else that I was not comfortable with having that responsibility almost everyday, I am also the cautious/shy type that does not like a lot of crowds/people & I was not sure if I could adjust to being around someone with so many friends/fans coming around to her apartment/dorm a lot, and so I probably suggested that I would probably take the paid helper job working a certain amount of hours each week while living/staying somewhere else.

I probably told Olga that I needed more time to think and that we could try to come up with a compromise later, and we probably said goodbye; but that is all that I can remember about that.

Dream 2

The next thing that I can barely remember is either part of another dream or part of the same dream, I am not sure which, and I came across an older version of Kimberly Swan (Ki Swan) from the internet show VGHS (Video Game High School); and we ended up having a conversation, and Ki was her usual clean/organized/nice/smart/rational/cute/et cetera self.

We seemed to have many things in common and we had a good conversation, her personality/skills/behaviors/et cetera seemed like a good match with mine, and she seemed like the kind of woman who would be able to help me learn to be the person that I would like to be (reach my goals, learn new things, organize myself, offer inspiration, et cetera) & to help me maintain a balanced happy lifestyle/et cetera; basically she seemed to be the type of woman who would make an ideal/great wife for a person like me, and our personalities/skills/behaviors/et cetera complimented each other very well where there were things that we both could offer to help/protect the other but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 3

My last dream was the longest and the most detailed dream from last night but it is a bit unclear because some of the important parts are missing, it took place late in the afternoon or early in the evening, and my family & I went to a fictional fun house/maze house/scary house that you had to pay to get a key to enter it from an office; and this house was like a house/building with several floors and  something about this dream and/or house and/or the people who ran it seemed Eastern European like maybe from somewhere in The Czech Republic, Albania, Romania, et cetera or like the dream world was in an Eastern European country.

In the dream I had a fictional little sister named Rose who was a little girl with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair with maybe blueish or greenish colored eyes, I can not remember how I knew her name (it is a bit rare for me to learn/know fictional dream characters names like this/that), and I am not sure if she was in the dream the entire time or if she only appeared at the end of the dream.

I remember being inside the house in an upper area that over-looked a lower area with an upper area over it, one side of the room was separated from the other side of the room with only some ledges & ropes/strings connecting both sides & so both sides of the middle area were like platforms almost, and the entire house was like a maze combined with a fun house with a scary story associated with the house/maybe it was a scary house as well.

There were some almost human sized dolls in the middle area with dolls of a mother, father, son, and daughter; and there were other toys, blocks, chairs, tables, et cetera that kids/adults could use/play with.

The house had many hidden secrets/rooms/doors/floors/openings/et cetera, so you had to work together with your family/friends/whoever to solve puzzles/riddles & find clues to get through the mazes & unlock secrets, but the house was also designed for having fun with many things to do/be creative with; and I had a lot of fun with my family, which was surprising & great, and it was like being a kid again when things were better with my life & my family.

Trying to describe this house and the experiences we had in it is too hard and my memory is unclear and I am surprised that my mind was able to dream of/create a house/building so complex/creative/interesting with its own story/secrets/et cetera, and this house was very unique; and I remember my family & I having so much fun slowly solving puzzles/riddles & finding clues & unlocking secrets/new parts of the house.

I remember my family and I finding a secret stairway and we had to slowly solve puzzles/riddles & find clues to unlock more parts of the stairway to get higher in the house, we slowly worked our way up higher in the house, and we even found some new floors; and because we were together & having fun this house did not seem scary at first, even though it should/could have when I think about it now, and if I had been alone in the dream this house probably would have been scary at first.

The house was somewhat dimly lit in some areas and/or the lighting adjusted itself depending on the room & who was in it and the house was quiet and it was a bit eery if I would have taken time to think about it in the dream, there was a story about the house that involved a family who died in it or something like that, and I assumed that was a fake legend/story to scare people/to boost the scary house side/part/aspect of the house so that more people would pay to go inside of it.

The house had areas that you had to climb to get further (like some areas in the stairway), some areas you had to jump to get further, some areas you had to go through small openings/doors hidden on walls/ceilings/floors to get further, et cetera; and these things made the house even more fun/creative/challenging/et cetera & you also got exercise by doing things like that.

At some point my brother CC solved a clue/riddle/whatever and he found out that you could use objects in the house like tables/chairs/et cetera to make a bridge to connect both parts of the middle area by connected objects to the ropes/strings that connected both sides, and so he made a bridge; and we crossed it to the other side of the middle room, and we found a new area eventually that allowed us to reach the stairway again & we eventually reached the highest point of the stairway.

We had to climb to the top like it was mountain/rock-like and we could touch the ceiling, and there was another room/floor that you had to jump toward to reach; and we jumped to it, and we learned that this was not the highest floor/room/area or the last puzzle/riddle/hidden area/et cetera.

We then assumed that we only had one more main clue/puzzle/riddle/et cetera to solve to reach the last/highest floor/room/hidden area, but it was time to go because it was time for the house to close for the day; and so we had to return the key to the office because it was closing time & the sun was almost set or setting, but we all wanted to solve the assumed last puzzle/maze/riddle/find the last clue/whatever & see the assumed last/highest hidden area.

I decided to stay behind briefly to see if I could quickly solve the mystery myself, but I started to feel a bit afraid now that I was alone & could focus on the eeriness/strangeness of the house & maybe it also started to become scarier on its own as well (the house/lighting started to get darker it seemed & the atmosphere got scarier); and so I went back to the middle area to see if any of my family had stayed behind, so that I could get them to help me try to solve the last mystery so that I would not be alone because that would help me to be less afraid & it would help us/me solve the mystery faster.

In the middle area everyone was gone except for my fictional little sister named Rose, she had wanted to stay longer as well, and she was sad/angry that we had to leave; and so I asked her if she wanted to help me solved the last mystery, but she said no & she said that she wanted to play with the dolls/toys or something like that.

She stood there pouting/looking sad/angry, I tried to cheer her up & I once again tried to convince her to help me solve the last mystery, but it was not working & she was too focused on pouting about having to leave & wanting to play with the dolls/toys; and so I gave up trying to convince her to help me, and I focused on trying to cheer her up instead.

As I did this I noticed the almost human-sized doll family sitting down staring at us from the other side of the middle area not far from the exit, I felt like they were watching us and I started to feel a bit freaked out/scared, and I thought that I saw one or more of the dolls blink & this scared me/freaked me out even more; but I told myself that maybe I was imagining it or seeing things, but I kept glancing back at the dolls to make sure that it was not my imagination as I talked with my fictional little sister Rose still trying to cheer her up.

I thought that I saw one or more of the dolls move but once again I told myself that maybe I was imagining it or seeing things again, and when I looked up again later the son & daughter dolls were sitting further away from the mother & father doll than before when they all were sitting together; and then I knew that I was not imagining things or seeing things, and I was very afraid now but I also prepared myself to fight if necessary & I started moving or carrying my sister Rose toward the exit so that we could leave; but I did not tell her about what I saw because I did not want to scare her too, and so I quickly got us to the exit while watching the dolls closely prepared for a possible attack by them/fight with them & it seemed that their eyes & heads moved to follow us as we moved.

I got us outside quickly and I locked the door quickly, feeling very freaked out & scared but I tried to hide it from my sister Rose, and then we went to catch up with/find the rest of our family; and oddly we walked through the my grandfather’s former garden by the G House to my grandfather’s house, which was the office for the fun house/maze house/scary house oddly, and I saw my mom leaving the office & I heard one of the workers say something to her & that worker had an Eastern European English accent like I expected.

I asked my mom if she had turned in the key and she said yes, we started walking away as I thought about how to tell my mom about what I saw, and I took a moment to think; and I wondered if the workers in the office had access to hidden cameras in the house to watch people in the house, and I wondered if they had the ability to adjust the lights/play sounds/move things in the house from a control room; and so maybe they had played a prank on me and/or maybe the story about the house was true & something weird was going on in that house but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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