An Amusement Park & Frances Swaggart’s Radio Show

All that I can remember of this dream is that the dream probably jumped between various days, and each time I would be at an amusement park-like area during the day.

This amusement park-like place had food stands and restaurants and various other types of stands (booths) et cetera scattered around the area among the amusements and areas with buildings et cetera that represented different countries / cultures.

Sometimes I would be there with someone else, like my brother GC and / or someone else, and sometimes I would be there alone.

This place seemed familiar and I seemed to visit it often, it was how I imagine an amusement park in the city of D might be like, this dream possibly took place in a fictional version of the city of D but I am not sure.

There were three places that I remember visiting several times during the dream and they were: a small restaurant where my female cousin TE worked and where my former female classmate LC worked and they both worked there as cooks, a food / drink / dessert stand run by a woman who was outside the gates of an area that represented ancient China where I would get a frozen green tea dessert (that were like the frozen desserts that the P King Chinese Restaurant in the city of LC used to sell that seemed to combine maybe various teas and cream / milk and sugar and ice et cetera and crush it together into a creamy frozen dessert), and the area that represented ancient China.

During my last visit to the amusement park-like area I remember going inside the small restaurant, my brother GC was with me and my mom was there at some point, and I remember sitting next to a corner area where there were two short push-open double doors next to an area where you could see my former female classmate LC and my female cousin TE cooking food on flat open grills and other surfaces.

I greeted them and I started talking to them about their jobs et cetera, my male cousin ME (who is the younger brother of my cousin TE) entered the restaurant and joined our conversation, and eventually my cousin TE had to walk further away to do something else but I could still see her.

My former classmate LC was cooking hamburger patties that would be made into hamburgers I think, there were other people in the restaurant eating and drinking and talking, and they were cooking food for the various people.

At some point my mom walked over and she handed me several objects when I was not looking and she walked away without answering me when I asked her about them, two of the objects were short thick plastic DVD cases for two different movies with one being fiction and maybe the other one was a non-fiction documentary, and we started talking about the fiction movie but we did not know what the non-fiction movie was about.

Suddenly I heard a female voice but I was not sure where it was coming from, the voice sounded like Frances Swaggart, and her voice sounded like it was coming from a radio and / or telephone like maybe one of the objects was a telephone and maybe a radio was nearby.

She was talking to me like we were live on her radio program (maybe Frances & Friends), so I assume that my mom had called Mrs. Swaggart’s radio program and handed me the telephone along with the two DVDs, and Mrs. Swaggart was asking me a question about the non-fiction DVD.

I told Mrs. Swaggart that I did not know what that movie was about, and so I asked her if she would tell me about it so she did.

Mrs. Swaggart told me that the movie was about a woman who found out that she was a Viking descendant, one of her parents was probably from Europe and maybe her other parent was from Asia, and somehow I saw some scenes about the movie in my mind or something as she told me about the movie and I saw that the woman had long straight black hair with light-color skin and she looked like the stereotype of how people would expect her to look because she probably had one parent from Europe and one from Asia.

The woman was struggling with various things in her life until one day she got involved with Christianity, eventually she became a Christian, and her life changed for the better and the movie was about her life and conversion to Christianity and it promoted Christianity.

After Mrs. Swaggart told me about the movie she asked me if I thought that sounded like an interesting movie, I replied yes, and I thanked her for explaining that and having me on her radio show and we said goodbye and I ended the telephone call.

There was a radio playing in the background and I heard Mrs. Swaggart continuing her radio show.

Shortly after this my cousin ME and I left to explore the amusement park, I remember my stomach bothering me at this point or after the next part, and my stomach was bubbling like I was a bit sick to my stomach like something that I ate or drank was the cause.

I remember taking my cousin ME to the food stand outside the gates of the area that represented ancient China, I got the frozen green tea dessert again, and it tasted how I imagine it should taste which is very mild.

I told my cousin ME that I do not know why I keep getting that frozen dessert because it is not even that good and my stomach was bothering me, and I wondered if this dessert was the cause of my stomach issue.

For some reason I decided to play a game of hide-and-seek, I entered the gates of the ancient China-styled area into a small courtyard with some structures, and I hid behind the first structure on the right side because I had no time to hide.

My cousin ME entered the gates and there was an old woman with light-color skin with gray / white hair behind him, I was not hiding well, and so he saw me and so I lost and we started laughing.

There was a small building in the courtyard with two double doors, we were going to enter that next, and I had entered that building several times before earlier in the dream and this entire area was like a replica of an area in ancient China and it was a nice quiet area to explore and look at the architecture et cetera and it was a bit museum-like.

But I woke up as we were entering the building.

I woke up and my stomach was really bothering me in the real world as well, it was probably just something that I ate or drank that night so that is probably why my stomach started bothering me in the dream, and I felt better after eating breakfast and going to work.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


  1. Interesting about your stomach pain in the dream. Did you go to bed or wake up with any stomach pain/discomfort? If not, I wonder if you had some stomach pain in the night you were not aware of, but it filtered into your dream. Sometimes I dream of being very hot or cold and I wonder if my physical body is feeling that way and its filtering through. Sometimes I know that’s the case, but sometimes I think it’s just the dream and unrelated.

    That’s kool how when the person was explaining the movie you could then see clips of the movie in your mind. I think I have had this sort of thing happen before as well.

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    1. Hello Lost Truth,

      I am glad that you mentioned that because I forgot to add that to the end of my post 😀 , I did indeed wake up in the real world with my stomach bothering me just like in the dream, and it seemed to be something that I ate and / or drank before going to bed.

      It did not last long so all is well now, thank you for mentioning that, I have updated this post to include that information. 👍

      Yeah, that happens sometimes in my dreams where I will see things like that in my mind and / or projected in the air et cetera.

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

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