Cash & An Apartment

This dream took place inside an apartment building, a woman with light-color skin asked me to do something that I can not remember, and she gave me a roll / stack of cash as payment I guess; and she walked away.

Some kids were watching this, they followed me, and I told them that the woman gave me too much money so I was going to give some or all of it back to her.

Before I could reach the woman I saw a man with medium-color skin start pulling her into one of the apartment rooms, she seemed to be trying to resist, I heard arguing and struggling inside the apartment, and so I went to see if she was okay.

I stood outside the door asking if everything was okay, I heard strange sounds coming from the inside, and so I entered the apartment to see some men struggling / wrestling / fighting / whatever with no shirts on oddly; and I saw some kids in some of the other rooms.

I did not see any signs of abuse at this point toward the woman, maybe I saw her and I asked her, I possibly tried to give her the cash back but she probably would not take it, so I tried to leave, but I got caught in a loop where the dream was not letting me escape / leave the apartment.

I kept walking through rooms and ending up where I started, it was weird and annoying, but I woke up at some point.

The end,

-John Jr

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