Apartment Parties & Kate Beckinsale & A Baby Brother Emergency?

There was more to this dream than I can remember now, it took place over the course of several days or more, and the dream involved me coming to & from a fictional multi-story apartment where I lived.

I lived on an upper floor of this apartment, the apartment was in the style of a hotel where you had to go inside the building to get to your apartment room, and one day or even or night I had a party at my apartment.


Jocks Bullying BH & Ms. MW Shares Her Dream

Lazy Overview:

This dream involved me being inside a shopping mall.

I remember seeing that my automobile was parked outside in the parking lot because there were some glass walls / doors that I could see through, and I met my former male classmate BH.

At some point, some high school jocks wearing letterman jackets (letter jackets) approached BH, and they started bullying him; so I went to deal with them.


People On Our Porch | Getting Lost Along The Interstate

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had a lot of short dreams that I woke up remembering but went back to sleep without recording, I forgot to wear my tongue retention device, and so now I barely remember only part of two of those many short dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day at my parents house, my brothers TDC and KDC were there, and they walked past me in the dinning room to walk outside with a BB gun rifle and so I followed them and I stopped on the front porch.

I told them that was not a good idea to go outside with that, they did not listen, they then walked in the street with the BB gun so I told them again that was not a good idea and that they should not shoot toward or close to houses, but they continued anyway.

I saw some automobiles driving up the street, some drove next to our yard and maybe by The Blue House, and the others drove inside our yard on the side of the yard where the dogs are.

I then saw a female mail carrier with light-color skin with yellow medium-to-long length hair driving up the street backward as my brothers crossed back to our yard, and she almost hit them without noticing.

I waved at the mail carrier as the other people from the automobiles started walking in and through our yard to the porch where I was, I had no idea who these people were, but slowly more people arrived including maybe my former male classmate MJ and some other people with dark-color skin who seemed to be from Eastside.

I wondered if some of these people were here mistakenly, and I wondered if a family reunion or some kind of other gathering was about to take place at my parents house.

I probably greeted my former classmate MJ, he nodded back, but he was having a serious conversation with a large man with dark-color skin with short black hair who seemed to be maybe a drug dealer / drug supplier and / or something and they seemed to be talking about some illegal business stuff indirectly and partly coded.

It sounded like MJ had bought or was loaned some illegal drugs and / or something from the man, the man seemed to be threatening him and warning him about what would happen if certain things happened involving their assumed illegal business deal, but I woke up as I listened and wondered who were most of these people and why were they on our porch.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in a fictional LC-like city that was familiar to me and that I have probably dreamed of before, and I was driving around the city.

I am not sure what all happened in the dream, I just remember trying to drive somewhere at some point, I was driving through some familiar areas when I accidentally missed my turn and continued driving hoping to reach a road that would allow me to turn around.

Unfortunately I was taken on what looked like an interstate or highway, I drove up it past some slightly familiar areas until I got lost, and then I took an exit to a park-like rest stop-like area along it that was swamp-like.

I parked on the grass and I got out to walk around looking at the plants / flower / water et cetera, and I hoped to find something or someone who could help me find my way back to the city.

There were people walking around including the mixed martial artist Chuck Liddell, and I saw a man with light-color skin with black hair who claimed to be a doctor who was acting and talking like he was mentally unstable and he was telling people that he was a doctor and offering to help or something and he just kept repeating himself so I just greeted him and walked around him and did not stop to talk.

Park of this area was possibly under a bridge or something so I walked there because there was more grass / plants and a pond and maybe some sitting areas and some shade, and in this area I saw a woman with light-medium color skin wearing a pea coat who was a mixed martial artist who reminded me of the female assassin / hitwoman Bracka from the television show The Purge and she had her male coach with her.

The woman was also acting unstable and she walked up to me trying to get me to fight her, I did not say or do anything because I felt that it would lead to a fight, and then her coach stopped her and took something from one of her hands that she had behind her back.

It seemed that the woman had a small stabbing-type melee weapon in that hand, and she probably would have stabbed me if I had responded to her challenge so I was glad that I did not respond.

Her coach apologized and walked her away from me while lecturing her, I wondered what was going on because I had just seen two mentally unstable people back-to-back, and so I decided to leave and take my chances trying to get back to the city.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Several Former Presidents And First Ladies Of The United States Walking Outside

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I am not sure if this is one dream or two so I will type it as one dream.

I remember being inside a fictional version of The BP Library that was like a large gym-like building, and I was working.

At some point I smelled smoke, I mentioned this out-loud, and a female patron with light-color skin told me that a female patron with light-color skin with long black hair who always acts strange was burning something as part of a possibly ritual in maybe the women’s bathroom or somewhere else.

This patron described some of the strange past behavior of the female patron and it sounded like she was eccentric and probably had one or more mental disorders, and after that I went to tell my coworker Mr. CF who is the security guard.

I am not sure if this is a daydream of me thinking about what I would say to her or if this happened, either way, I remember the female patron walking back from the bathroom or wherever so we stopped her and talked to her.

She was acting strange, eccentric, probably slightly unstable, but she was happy and she told us what she had burned and why et cetera but I can not remember what she said or what happened next other than I remember driving at night in my automobile with my brother GC.

We drove past W Park on our way near the outskirts of the city past BY Wok, and there was a fictional area on the right of this that led to a countryside area where some people lived, where there was a forest, maybe bodies of water, train tracks, train tracks over a bridge, and something that was somewhat amusement park-like (I am not sure what to call it).

We drove to this fictional area like maybe we were going to visit the amusement park-like area or the forest et cetera, and I parked in a field that was near some of the houses.

I then remembered that to get to the other side to the amusement park-like area we needed to go to a road on the left side or walk through the neighborhood to the other side, and so we were going to drive but I needed to urinate so as we were getting back in my automobile I stood behind the driver’s door to urinate on the field since there were no bathrooms around.

Before I could even unzip my pants I suddenly heard a woman’s voice asking me a question but I could not hear what she said, this scared and surprised me because we saw and heard no one before this, and I wondered how was it possible for someone to sneak up on us when I was facing that direction and this was an open field so I should have seen them walking over even though it was very dark.

I looked up to see a the shape of a woman and a boy standing at an angle in front of me on the other side of my door at a distance, it was too dark and far for me to see them, and they were too far away for me to hear what they were saying.

I was creeped out a bit and my first instinct was to get inside my automobile and close and lock the door and respond to them as I am driving away, it was like a scary movie with the lightning and how they appeared out of nowhere and how I could only see dark silhouettes of them and how they were just standing there talking but I could not understand what they were saying, but I decided to take a risk and ignore common sense and walk closer so that I could hear them and somewhat see them but I kept a distance because something still did not seem right about them.

I can not remember what they said but I think that they possibly asked if I needed some help but I can not remember, and I probably told them thank you but we did not need help and that we were just leaving to reach the other side and then I said goodbye and we drove away.

We drove back to the main road and we parked on side of it to walk the rest of the way, this makes no sense, but somehow the next thing that I remember is that it was day now which makes no sense and somehow I did not notice this change from night to day in the dream.

We were walking along a trail or something from the amusement park-like place, and along the walk among the people I saw a number of former Presidents and First Ladies Of The United States walking among the people.

All are most of them were walking with their spouses but each pair were walking separately from the other pairs so I saw them at different times as we walked, I can not remember everyone I saw, but I do know that I saw: Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, Jimmy Carter but I can not remember if he was with his wife or not, and the last president I saw was Bill Clinton and he had a fictional wife who was younger than him and she had light-color skin with maybe long yellow hair and she did not look or sound like Hillary Clinton.

Bill Clinton was the only president I saw who was not with his real wife, which I think is interesting, I am not sure if there were any United States Secret Service agents with any of them or not but in the dream I assumed that there were even if I could not recognize them so I kept my distance from them.

At some point as we were approaching an area that looked like the area where The R Trailer used to be, Mr. Clinton happened to be walking in this area at the same time as me, and we ended up greeting each other as we walked.

Mr. Clinton stopped and smiled while looking at me like he recognized me and he said: “Wait, I think that I remember you from somewhere?” or “Do I know you from somewhere?” or “I think that I know you from somewhere?” something like that.

I can not remember what my response was, but Mr. Clinton patted me on the back; then I decided to try to shake his hand after a brief pause because I was not sure if this was a good idea because if he had security with him they might respond, he thought that I was about to do something else at first so he went to do a different movement and he had to awkwardly correct this and transition to a handshake, and then we shook hands.

We continued walking and talking toward the yard of The E House.

I noticed that I was wearing either a slightly over-sized suit coat or a pea coat (probably pea coat), Mr. Clinton noticed this too, and he gave me a compliment about it by saying something like: “You somewhat remind me of Shatner or Wagner (probably Shatner).” and I assumed that he meant William Shatner so I replied: “I do not know about all of that, but thank you.”.

As we reached the yard his fictional wife turned to me and leaned in and told me that Shatner or Wagner was their son, and so basically when Mr. Clinton had complimented me he was saying that in that moment I had reminded him of his son because I guess he use to wear a suit coat or pea coat like that.

When she told me this I was surprised and confused, because when she said that Shatner or Wagner was their son it felt like maybe he was dead or something so I was wondering if she meant that or just that he was just simply their son, and because I did not know that Mr. Clinton had a son so I was confused by this.

I probably said thank you and goodbye to them and I went inside The E House, I took off the coat because it probably started to seem too warm to be wearing, and then my brother GC entered the house and I went to tell him what had happened but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr



Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I remember the dream taking place inside and outside of a one-story house-like building by a field, and an event was taking place there; and I was there with a lot of other people waiting on the event to start.

I remember waiting around inside the building and maybe sitting down sometimes as I waited, at some point it was time to start the event or it was almost time to start the event, because a group of people dressed as superheroes and supervillains walked outside to the field to film a comedy skit that was part of the introduction or part of the start of this event or something like that.