9-5-2012 | Dream Fragment | Going Back In The Past To School

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Unfortunately I forgot most of my last dream from last night, and so it will be missing a lot of details & it will not make much sense.

I had other dreams and there were more parts to this dream, but I forgot them.

One earlier part of the dream probably involved my grandfather’s house, and later I remember being in a hallway of a school; and I saw a table with something that I made or had or that had my name and/or photograph on it from when I was in Elementary school, but it might have been fictional & I can not remember what it was.

I remember looking at it and thinking of old memories, that might have been fictional, and a few teachers and/or students passed by me in the hallway; and I stood there for a while enjoying some of those memories.

One or more teachers and/or workers at the school said something to me a few times, but I can not remember what they said; but some of them knew me.

At some point I was back in school even though I graduated long ago and I was probably the age that I am now, and I was at a fictional school mostly in the outdoor courtyard area that was slightly like my former Junior High School.

I think that some of the classes took place outside in the courtyard area where there were many seats and covered catwalks/walkways, and there was an outdoor secretary‘s office in the courtyard; and the secretary was an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with blond colored hair, and she looked somewhat like the secretary from the Vampire Authority’s hideout on True Blood.

At some point I had put in a notice or something like that to the secretary that/about I was not feeling good or was going to leave school for the day or something like that, and so I was going to leave school after I finished a certain class or class assignment or something like that.

But I found some buildings around the courtyard complex that caught my attention, and I started to explore them; and I remember being amazed by them for some reason, maybe they reminded me of some past dreams or something like that.

These buildings had more than one floor but they were small, and several unique things happened during this part of the dream but I can not remember what happened; and it involved more dream characters and this part of the dream was interesting.

This part was so interesting to me that I decided to stay at school, but the secretary said that I had to leave by a certain time due to the notice or whatever that I had turned in earlier in the dream; and that I could not undo the notice.

I tried to see if there was anything that I could do to stay but she said that there was nothing that I could do, and she was nice about it; and she reminded me that there was always tomorrow.

I was disappointed and my time for the day was almost up, and so I probably tried to quickly finish my class or class assignment and/or I might have explored the buildings one last time.

The next thing that I remember is being at my grandfather’s house and my uncle CE came through at some point, but then he went to his house to cut the grass or something like that.

Several things happened at my grandfather’s house but I can not remember what happened, I just remember being outside mostly; and I woke up at some point.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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