The BP Library’s Drive-Through | A Police / Military Raid?

I got in bed pretty late, after 4 AM or 5 AM, and I had a variety of dreams that I remembered but I did not record most of them; and so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of this dream, but I know that this dream had the strongest emotion/feelings of all the dreams and it was the same emotion/feelings that I felt in another dream last week or the week before that was stronger than the life and death moments in my next dream and in one of those dreams from that other day.

The end of this dream took place during the day, in a forgotten part of the dream I had been at work at a fictional version of The BP Library that was in a large parking lot of a shopping center, and The BP Library was in its own building on the left side of the parking lot away from the shopping center.

The BP Library had a bank style drive-through that extended pretty far from the right side of the building, it was a narrow room that was unnecessarily long and extended from the building, and a library clerk would work at this drive-through part of the building.

So patrons could drop off books, pick up books, drop off donations, and do various other library tasks from this drive-through.

There was a special drawer or whatever that the library clerk would open so that patrons could put things inside of it or take things out, and there was a speaker/microphone built into the building where the library clerk and patrons could hear and communicate with each other.

At this point in the dream I had left work for the day, I got in my automobile and I started to drive by the shopping center businesses, and I remember noticing a couple (a woman and a man with light-color skin) arguing as they walked to their automobile.

I had stopped because I was thinking about driving back to work to for something maybe, and I started to do this at the same time that the couple were driving in the same direction still arguing; and so I was continuing to hear their argument as we both drove toward the library drive-through.

I saw that my female coworker JB was working at the drive-through alone, I got that same strong emotion/feelings as a recent past dream that I felt in my chest (in the real world before I went to sleep I did have a slight pain in my chest when breathing in deep enough, and it felt a bit tighter and odd than normal), and I noticed that she was holding something square with blue liquid in it or it looked blue and it seemed to be an e-cigarette (the kind that is thicker and does not look like a cigarette) and she blew some vaper(?)/mist/smoke/whatever out of her mouth and she quickly went to put up the e-cigarette as she noticed the couple driving up.

I parked to the left, I was still listening to the couple arguing as they drove toward the drive-through as I tried to decide whether I should drive to the drive-through as well to joke with JB acting like a random patron briefly, and then maybe talking with her briefly before I leave back home.

The couple stopped arguing once they reached the drive-through, as JB was helping them I continued thinking about whether I should go ahead and drive home or talk with JB first, but I woke up.

Dream 2

There was one part of this dream that was probably partly inspired by me watching part of the 2018 movie Overlord before I went to sleep.

This dream was more detailed but I have forgotten most of the dream now unfortunately, it took place at a one-story building by water with a large dock that went all the way past the right side of the building and the back side of it, and I was there with maybe some of my family and coworkers and some other people.

I can not remember what kind of building this was or what we were doing, I just know that in a forgotten part of the dream the building got raided by maybe the police and/or the military, but I can not remember the details.

Later in the dream we were either still there or we were back there again, this time what we thought was a military raid started, we saw what we thought were some slightly futuristic soldiers show up walking across the docks toward the back entrance/exit.

Their uniforms et cetera were slightly futuristic in style et cetera, near future, and all of them had combat uniforms and full gear except for their assumed officer leading them who was a man with light-color skin who was dressed more like a Nazi military officer like the one from the movie Overlord in his first scene; and he was wearing black with a hat and a long coat.

We had already been raided once so I told everyone to be still and follow their directions, they approached outside the door, and I stood in front of the door with my hands up and my palms facing out and I slowly got on the ground stomach first.

They looked at a shoulder patch that I had trying to see my name, they saw my name, but I guess they were not after me because they were about to step inside to check the others but then we heard and saw one or more helicopters arriving.

We looked up to see what looked like more soldiers arriving, but they were wearing normal outfits that did not look slightly futuristic.

The assumed soldiers in front of us started to leave trying to escape, and so maybe they were either another military or mercenaries or imposters or something else.

But the soldiers in the helicopters were jumping down as more soldiers arrived by land and maybe boat, and so both military-looking groups started having a shootout.

This was our chance to escape so we started trying to run, I jumped out of a window and I opened the locks on the outside so that others could escape from various areas, and we ran for our lives through the chaos fighting and running et cetera.

I remember taking a pistol from a soldier who got shot, and I shot any soldier who tried to attack me or the others.

There were people shooting, fighting with melee weapons, fighting with hand-to-hand combat, et cetera.

It was pure chaos, we had to fight our way through it to escape the docks to reach land, but I woke up as I fought my way through trying to help others and find people I knew to help them escape.

Even though this was life and death and chaos and panic, the emotions/feelings were still not as strong as the previous dream, oddly.

The end,

-John Jr

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