3-27-2012 | Dream Fragments | Something Is Not Right

Human blood magnified 600 times
Human blood magnified 600 times (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My last dream was a bit strange/crazy/scary and I am not sure how I transitioned from the dream before it, I just remember that the dream before it took place during the night in & near my parent‘s yard, and my brother CC and some of his classmates were hanging out outside late during the night after a party or dance or something like that.

CC and some of his friends/classmates were hanging out next to some automobiles on the left of our parent’s yard near where the red house used to be, and on the right side of my parent’s yard under the tree next to our aunt JE’s house is where the rest of CC’s classmates were hanging out.

I was outside in our parent’s yard for some reason and at some point some of CC’s classmates on the right side of the yard asked me to give CC a message, and so I went to the left side of the yard to give CC their message; there was more to this dream, but I can not remember the details.

The last thing that I remember in this dream is walking on my parent’s front porch to go inside the house, but that is all that I can remember.

In the last dream I remember being inside an unknown clinic, and a man & I were waiting to have some blood samples taken as part of a standard medical check-up probably, in a small room where they take blood & other samples.

A woman came into the room and she quickly took some of our blood, and she told us some of the instant results from a machine as she took notes; the man’s first results were good, some of my results were good, but the woman told me that certain levels of something in my blood was low & that they were going to have to get my levels back up & try to figure out why they were low & how to prevent that from happening again.

These were the first results, the blood would need to be checked by a person as well, and the woman was still taking notes; but I noticed that she did not seem to care about the man anymore and her focus was on recording data about my results, and I was asking questions trying to make sense of the situation.

The woman was focused on writing information about my results and she was vague in her responses to my questions and she did not look at me the entire time during this part, she just kept writing, and then another woman came into the room like she had been called by the other woman about my results or something like that; like she had pushed a button to alert another worker that something was special about my results, and that she needed a more experienced person to come handle the situation or something like that.

The new woman took over the situation and took the notes that the other woman had written, she dismissed the other man/told him that he could leave, and she greeted me.

She glanced over the notes and she mentioned that some of the levels of something in my blood was low according to the first results, which was not good, and that I would have to stay until they treated me & figured out how those levels got low & how to prevent that in the future; and so I felt good that they were going to take care of me, but then the woman started to ask me questions about my family/family history/ancestry and other things that did not seem to be relevant.

I started to get suspicious, I thought that they should be giving me some food & drink to help get my levels up immediately instead of asking me a bunch of seemly irrelevant questions about my family/ancestry/family history/et cetera, and I noticed that the woman was no longer looking at me like the other woman had done; she was taking notes like the other woman had done, I noticed that she also already had notes with information/results/data/charts/medical records/et cetera of my family/ancestors/maybe other people with similar results as mine/& me, she started vaguely answering my questions like the other woman had done, and then a male doctor entered the room like the woman had somehow pushed a button to call for a more experienced person like the other woman had done.

I was very suspicious and I felt that they did not really care about getting those levels in my blood back up, it seemed that there was something special about my results/me, and so they wanted to do some tests/experiments/procedures on me; while pretending to be helping me.

The male doctor did not say anything to me or look at me, he just walked behind me in the room to get something, and so I did not get a good look at him; but he was older with whitish colored skin, and he had a white colored lab/doctor’s coat.

Something happened but I am not sure what happened exactly, I am guessing that the woman told me that the male doctor was going to give me a shot of something to help me, and then I probably lost consciousness in the dream.

I remember waking up in the dream still in the clinic and I felt strange, like something was limiting me like I had been drugged or something, and so my memory was incomplete; but it almost seemed like maybe days had passed.

I walked out of a room into the lobby which was well lit with natural light from the many windows in the lobby, there was a large desk-like area where a female nurse/secretary sat near the door, and another man who was also a patient at the clinic invited me to go outside for some fresh air.

I think that there were to large strong male nurses either in the lobby and/or outside the lobby under a covered area where the other patient and I were getting some fresh air, but they stayed mostly out of sight to avoid making the clinic seem like a prison or something; but they seemed to be keeping an eye on me/us.

The sunlight was vivid with a dream-like look to it as the patient and I sat under the covered area outside of the lobby in the shade, it was like an area where an automobile could park temporarily to drop off a patient or something, a bit like the area outside of the lobby of many hotels or emergency rooms.

The man with me seemed like a person who had been at the clinic for a long time and he looked like someone who was a bit disturbed/who had been through a lot but who was a bit used to it, like he knew that he was trapped, and he seemed to be trying to warn me indirectly that something was not right/that this was an illusion or dream within a dream or a trap or that I was in danger or something like that/that I needed to remember or realize what had happened or what was happening or what will happen.

The man looked in the distance like he was deep in his thoughts as he talked with me, he would stop to look at me sometimes, and he was relaxed almost like he was trying to avoid bringing attention to our conversation because someone was watching us or something.

The man asked me a series of questions that slowly started to bring back my suspicions about the clinic and that slowly helped me bring back some of my memories of what had happened before & during the parts where I was unconscious.

Here are probably some of the questions that he probably asked me and my responses:

Man: Do you feel strange, like you have been drugged, like you are forgetting something, like something is not right, like things are not what they seem?

Me: Yes, I feel weird, almost drugged, I can’t remember certain things, something does not seem right, do you feel the same way?

Man: Yep, have you been seeing some of the memories?

Me: Memories? Memories of what?

Man: You will see them eventually if you have not already.

Me: *Stops to think* *A few memories flash in my mind* I remember waking up barely a few times with doctors & nurses standing over or near me in a room talking about me, doing tests/experiments/procedures, I keep going back to sleep like I am drugged, this seems to have happened over a series of days or weeks.

Man: Yes, you are starting to see the memories too, there is more where that came from.

Me: What is going on?

Man: *Stops to look around to see if anyone is listening* That is for you to find out.

Me: *Starts trying to think harder* A vivid somewhat realistic memory or moment happens, where the doctors & nurses say that They are interested in me, and so they moved me a few times to another facility (the facility where They are).

In one of those memories or moments that seems somewhat realistic, I am at the other facility, which feels like it is underground in a somewhat futuristic medical-like room; and I am paralyzed, like when you/I have sleep paralysis & can not move or talk, and I even felt a bit of the fear & I felt that I was not alone in the room.

I am on my side, there is something connected to the table partly blocking my visibility (maybe some kind of robotic surgical tool or device to put you to sleep or a device of some kind), there is a light behind it or connected to it, and I think that I see part of a person dressed in a suit walk in the room from an upper tunnel like area (that seems to confirm that we are underground) to talk with some other people who might be scientists/doctors and/or other high leveled people in suits, and I feel/sense/think that there are some non-Human beings there too.

I try to move but I can not, I try to talk but I can not, I feel a bit afraid but I calm myself like I do when I have sleep paralysis, and I then some text/words and maybe audio narration is done by someone or my mind; like I am being shown this to warn me of what happened or what is happening or what will happen.

I see text/words in clear English: that shows/explains that They are interested in me and that They are talking about me in the room behind me where I can not seem them, there seems to be a group of high level Humans talking with some non-Human beings, and I think that the text mentioned the Reptilian or the Reptilians are the ones the high level Humans are talking to, but I can not remember the rest of what the text/words explained.

The text and maybe audio narration done by my mind or someone seems to be trying to get me to remember and to look to see Them for myself but I am paralyzed & afraid, but the text and maybe the voice tries to convince me to keep trying to move so that I can turn to my other side & see Them for myself, I need to remember, but maybe I don’t won’t to remember, I need to see them, I’m afraid, maybe I don’t want to see them, is this real?, is this a dream?, is this an illusion?, is this a dream within a dream?, is something happening to my body while I am being distracted by this dream/illusion?, Reptilian or Reptilians?, how is that possible?, can they really be real?, is this a joke?, what do They want from me?, where am I?, who are these people?, I’m afraid to remember what happened to me or what is happening to me or what will happen to me, and so I struggle to forget or wake up; and then I am back at the clinic.

I am not sure which of these happened before I woke up:

The man sees that I just remembered part of something, and he encourages me to keep trying to remember; but I tell him that I am afraid and that I might not want to remember what happened or what is happening or what will happen to me.

Part of me wants to remember/know, but part of me is terrified & confused; and the man tells me that I will either have to give up & follow the illusions or keep fighting to remember & try to escape/break/see through the illusions & learn the truth.

The man seems to have tried for a long time, but is getting tired; but he has not given up completely yet.

The man tells me that we should go back inside the clinic now, and so we both walk back inside the clinic.


I decide to try to not remember and I go back inside the clinic trying to go along with their illusion, hoping to avoid learning/knowing the terrible truth that I am afraid of, and so I try to pretend that they are only trying to get the levels in my blood back up.

I see an opening to wake myself up from the dream and so I wake myself up from the dream, and back into the real world; wondering what just happened.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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